Do you have writers Block? Here are some Tips to combat them:

Updated: May 29, 2021

Writing a book? Do you have an original idea? Are you unable to produce an idea or do you think you have an interesting idea? Are you able to express your work? How far have you reached? Are you experiencing some sort of creative block? Are you stuck for a few hours or is ti days? How long do you think before your writers block will disappear and your ability to express your story will come back to you? It could be the next moment, the next day or a few days or a few years. What do you think is the reason for this writer's bock? Do you feel your story is not good enough, not inspiring enough, are you distracted or nothing is just coming to your mind, however hard you try? Are you frustrated? Don't give up....

You are not the first one to face this problem. There were many before you and there will be many more after you. Maybe its in front of you or the idea is in bits and pieces and you don't know how to put them together! There might be lot of things going on around you family, friends, job, health so many distractions and you don't have time to concentrate on your idea on your book, even though you love it very much and you want to see it through. Don't put pressure on yourself, don't feel that you are a failure; god knows there is enough pressure as it is. What you need is a little help to remove your writer's block. That's a ghost writer. Another creative writer who can help you think, who can write for you, who can release your tension and get your genius idea out into a book. ALl your ideas that have been stuck in your head will be released and the processes of forming ideas will start once again. Everybody needs help every now and then. That's what a ghostwriter does.

They help weave a story, they turn the fragments into sentences, the make sense of the bits and pieces, they make connections, they draw out your ideas, they never let your ideas go for waste they will never let you down and they will never make you feel like a failure. So hire a ghost writer if you have writer's block.

Don't just lay or sit staring at the wall, feeling disappointed, get the help of a ghost writer, see your thoughts and ideas being written down and smile a happy smile, you won't have to pretend that you are writing a book, you will actually be writing a book, only you will be taking the help of a ghost writer. The ideas are completely yours the ghost writer helped you generate it, shape it, explore it, gave you feedback on your work, helped you proceed, helped you write and now you have every right to be happy about it. The ghost writer can give you guidance wherever you need it. Don't ever be in a fear of taking the risk, hire a ghost writer.

Please tell me you have developed a relationship with the book you are writing and it's your baby and right now it's the most important thing for you? When I write a book for someone it is always a constant and continuous flow of information and ideas. DOn't even worry about your lack of motivation it could be because you are preoccupied with other things all the time?

I have been ding ghost writing for a long time, you can give me a call to help you with your writers block and we can hold brainstorming sessions, we can make lists, we can generate new ideas, ask a lot of questions and make sure everything is answered to your satisfaction and get the show on the road. But don't shelf the project, let me help you with your writing process. This is not just a project, it's something you love to do, your dream, let me encourage you to see it through. I know quiet a few techniques, which I have applied in the past to remove writer's block. Let me help you explore your ideas and your story.. Hold it close to your heart. If you develop a relationship with it words might flow or you might try to get some help and I could be the help you are looking for!

Don't be so stressed out with all the things around you that you face a burnout and you decide to temporarily or permanently decide that for whatever reasons, you want to stop working on your book, before that give me a call. Let me help you. When you start feeling good about getting your ideas flowing, you will be able to feel joy. Crave to complete your book. It doesn't have to be ego, it's just a humble need to do something for yourself.

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