A Business Analyst Job Description

Updated: May 30, 2021

Business analyst main job role is documenting the technical solutions to the business problems, analyzing and documenting the company's policy's, procedures and requirements. One of the main functions as a business analyst is managing the business requirements at the project level as a go between the customers, the project manager and the project team. The business analysts play a important role in assisting with the project manager. One of the primary objectives of the the business analyst’s is helping the project team in implementing the new technology by determining the requirements of the project or program, and communicating them clearly to the customers, project team, trainees, networking team, etc.

A Business Analyst depending on the industry he/she is working in recommends and implements methods for increasing a company’s efficiency and profitability. I am going to describe the role of a Business Analyst from the software point of view. They analyze the company’s software programs and the software team and they use their findings to make suggestions for improvements regarding everything from budget and operations to management.

Business Analysts often work as liaisons between Customers, project managers, multiple teams including customer service, networking team, testing team, product development and management. In order to improve business operations the business analyst performs many different tasks. Business Analysts must conduct complex analysis on a day to day basis within their projects to determine present and future performances of the software program. Documenting all the data and findings, preparing flowcharts, preparing presentation slides are all part of duties and responsibilities of this job role. The Business Analyst presents his/her analyzes to the concerned management personnel for approval. Business Analysis forecasting is very important and a crucial part of programming process, and is used to help understand the project better.

Business analysts typically take the lead role in:

Assisting with the business case

Planning and monitoring

Preparing Policy's and Procedures

Preparing Requirements Specifications

Translating and simplifying requirements

Requirements management

Customer Service Representative

Networking Coordinator

Testing Coordinator

Project Assistant

Preparing manuals and flowcharts

Software Librarian


The business analyst evaluates previous analyzes in order to develop and implement a better analyzes. The business analyst provides software training to the company’s employees. This training is not comprehensive but provides the concepts that are relevant to the completion of the project or the job role of the employee and will focus on overall development. The business analyst may also train less experienced analysts.

Business analysts are highly detail-oriented and they possess strong analytical abilities and a quantitative background. Business Analysts have great communication skills and they are able to communicate and coordinate with their project team during the duration of the project and overcome any hurdles. Business analysts are required to assess,validate, update and document the project's requirement's.

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