Astral Projection,

Updated: May 29, 2021

I don't know how many people have heard of this topic, or even understand this topic, but please don't dismiss it as yet. Don't laugh it off. This universe is vast and there are so many things you don't now that exist in it. So keep an open mind when you are reading about Astral Projection and have a bit of reasonable doubt. Maybe just maybe it is possible for your soul to travel outside your body and then come back? This is not about a ghost story..........This topic is about a fascinating trip your soul might have, a mind trip outside the body and then come back to it, without dying. This is not a common subject of discussion.

I am sure those who meditate have definitely heard of "Astral Projection". Is it something to do with aeroplanes and airports no not at all. Is it some sort projection that takes place in a museum....wrong again. Astral projection means an out-of-body experience. Surprised? fall of of your chair yet? don't just dismiss the topic, or shut the screen please, there are so many things that happen in the world that we don't know about. So many of us can't even meditate properly while some of them can meditate on a regular basis;t Meditation is so calming. It helps take your tension away. Astral projection is something like meditation; it can be done willfully, it can be induced or a person might just ravel out side the body in his/her sleep. So keep an open when you are reading about "Astral projection".

Our body is the carrier of our souls. I think that is one think supported by all religions. Our soul doesn't exist outside our body. That is what they all claim. But now we hear something different about out-of-body experience. The soul's out-of-body experience, wherein the soul leaves a body and travels into other planes or realms is known as an "Astral Phenomenon". This experience of leaving the body occurs during sleep, during meditation or under hypnosis. Some people who are totally in control of themselves who are excellent at meditation have claimed that they have had out-of-body experience while merely relaxing. They have claimed that they were able to concentrate and go to the places they wanted to go. One in ten people have claimed to have had out-of-body experiences. These experience could be spontaneous and the person need not be in deep sleep. What I am trying to explain here is that a person who has had this out-of-body experience might have deliberately chosen to have that experience, rather than be unconscious or go into a coma and then have such an experience. This is not a lucid dream or a night mare that a person just had, they really did have such a experience. Sometimes when people tend to have such a experience they tend to dismiss it as a bad dream.

It could be a lot of fun if people just try to accept the experience rather than get scared of what they don't know. Most of the time people dismiss everything they don't understand as a bad nightmare. They don't want to think about it or understand it. Typically those who have undergone these experience claim to have total peace and painlessness. They don't hear any kind of sound but they have a sense of moving or rather floating through some narrow tunnel or passageway. OBE is meant to help a person relax especially those who have had major life changing events. They go into these deep trances or deep meditation techniques from where they travel into space to clear their mind of all the stress.

There were various studies devoted to OBE, the technique of moving deeper and deeper into relaxation. It has been said that Thomas Edison used this state to tackle his problems while he was working on his inventions. Sylvan Muldoon, an American esotericist promoted the concept of astral projection; he believed that the astral body is capable of traveling outside of the physical body. Salvador Dali, the famous painter was said to use such methods to gain visins for his painitngs. Aurora Aurea was an organization devoted to the study of OBE; they named this practice The Hertmetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Charles Richet a French physiologist devoted many years in the study of paranormal and spiritualist phenomena. He believed that OBE was created by a person's memory and was no different than a dream. James H. Hyslop a professor of ethics and logic at Columbia University, believed that OBE's occur when a person's subconscious mind dramatizes certain events and then relieves the events as if they have actually witnessed it as a part of the event. Eugene Osty a French physician and researcher considered OBEs to be nothing more than a person's imagination. Some other researchers like N.M. Tyrell interpreted OBEs as hallucinations.

Hypnotists used brainwave synchronization via audio and visual stimulation to induce OBE. Scientists consider OBEs arise out of different psychological and neurological issues and these are not necessarily true, they are just reflection of a person's mental state. a person going through a emotional trauma might be looking for a escape route and might claim to have a out-of-body experience or a person might have witnessed something and totally forgotten about it and then in his/her sleep he/she might have remembered it and then claimed to have been at the spot where such an incident occurred. The incident could be from a movie or might have been heard from somebody else. But the person is convinced that he/she had a OBE and was present at that spot. They don't feel any pain during these episodes, most of them are sure of it rather than have sort of confusion. OBE may be a wonderful experience for the person who did go through it, but there is no actual way of proving that a person did have an out-of-body experience and there in lies the problem; people tend to dismiss it. Maybe it is true like meditation a person's soul does have the power to willfully leave or enter his/her body. Those who claim it know the true answer. The researchers who have researched this topic probably know this better.

I like to believe that out-of-body experiences that the person claims to have is merely not his/her imagination and he/she is not fantasizing or dreaming. There is no scientific evidence that can prove otherwise. But this is a wonderful concept. If meditation can exist then why not Astral projection?  So next time in your sleep if you think you traveled some place people maybe it's not a nightmare or some lucid dream. Keep an open mind!

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