Business Analysis

Understanding the term - Business Analysis

Every organization requires business analysis. Simply put business analysis is a technique of evaluating and investigating business systems. Business analysis is also called business process improvement as it involves a lot of research. Business analysis involves analysis of the of the organization, the project, the application, the client, the project team, the client requirements and it's day-today functions. Business analysis helps organizations of any size maintain a structure, manage it's processes, helps bring about the necessary change. Business analysis, is a critical component of any project within an organization even if it's not an information technology firm. But as a technical writer one of your first functions would be business analysis.

When a technical writer steps into a project, either the project is in the initial stages where everyone is picking up things or right in the middle of the project where everything is extremely chaotic. Either ways business analysis is extremely important, because you are trying to understand the organization, the project, your project team and most importantly your client and your client's needs. Collaborating and communicating with the other team members to put together the necessary documents in the step after business analysis.

The primary role of a business analyst is to identify the client's requirements and provide necessary solutions. Organizations need to take a strategic approach in certain matters in order to find better solution with regards to the requirements. This will help in collaboration with the project team, senior management and policy decisions. Business analysts contribute by continuously analyzing the organization's objectives, processes and resources, and suggesting ways by which improvements could be made.

The role of business analyst can exist in a variety of framework. Business analysts are the communicators or the liaison between the business and technology functions in any organization. Business analysts could be SMS's or they could focus more on technical requirements. In some cases, business analysts work solely in the IT team and they focus on both business and systems requirements for the particular project, collaborating with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to acquire proper knowledge of the project.

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