Changing the World

Updated: May 29, 2021

Changing the world......there's an idea......Don't doubt yourself. This is one of the most fascinating ideologies. Bringing forth your ideas…do you dare make that suggestion or are you too scared of being ridiculed? Words and idea's even from one person can change the world. Few caring people with absolutely strong ideas can change the world. education can change the world. People believing in one common cause can change the world.

Philosophers can change the world. If you have a vision, then act on it, even if it's all just by yourself; never ever underestimate yourself. One random act of kindness can change the world. People's goodwill or wickedness can change the world. Reach out and give your hand to someone who needs help and you will realize you took a big step to change someone's world; someone who probably was living a miserable dirty hell of a life and you just decided to make that person's life beautiful and give them a break from the ruthless violence and diabolical difficulties they were going through. You succeeded in making yourself a hero for someone. You just became an angel for someone. You had faith in yourself and you made a point to change someone's world instead of turning and walking away and pretending to ignore that nothing was wrong. Working together creates pleasantness and restores faith in humanity. People always blame the "devil" for all their difficulties. I think it's mere stupidity to blame anyone else for your mistakes. We make errors, we cut trees, we eat ice-cream and fatty foods, we hurt, we hate, we fear, we fight, we do wrong, but then we say the devil made me do it. We pray, hoping for our prayers to be answered, keep having faith, but does anyone really know what's in our future? We can hope, we should always hope, that will make us work hard for a better tomorrow.

We should never reconcile with ourselves to our situation because we feel we have no choice. If you have an idea try to implement it. Try to tell your story. Remember if there are two people who will willingly listen to you there will be eight who might just ridicule you. But you have to be strong. Your commitment is to yourself. You have a story to tell. A story about yourself. You have ideas to express, you have actions to take. You have a dream; fulfil it. Don’t worry about others judging you. Everyone always judges. It’s difficult to give you a hand, but sitting by you and saying “Hey, I am with you all the way” is something very few will do. Your little story can change the world; but you have got to have core belief in it first to make the world believe in it. Love what you believe in. Be optimistic and hopeful that you can and will. Just because you are alone it doesn’t mean you are a loner. Do you think all the great philosophers in the earlier generations were easily accepted? Many had to face ridicule; but failed many times they firmly believed what they were doing was right and kept trying until they succeeded, and people started believing in them. So, don’t give up hope. Never give up hope. You might feel like you are living in the dirty hell. Don’t blame god or the devil; don’t look for excuses, don’t try to say things like I have not been blessed or I have been cursed. All this is human creation. Just believe in yourself and struggle ahead. When you trust yourself, you reconcile with the situation and move ahead, you don’t give anyone consent to hurt you anymore. You have the last word to change things around. Nobody listens the first time around. You need to keep saying it again and again and again. Even prayers need to be repeated so many times before they answered, then when you are trying to change things in a world where humans are residing, when you want another human to notice you, then you need to shout out, reach out, repeat, make a spectacle. Don’t worry about making an embarrassment of yourself. There is no time to feel embarrassed. You have so many things to think about. You need to change the way people think. Each of us have the power to change the way others think. We have the power to change the world. Everybody thinks differently. From idea sprouts another idea. If you want to do it, take a deep breathe, meditate, think of your plan of action, think peacefully, and try and spread the message. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the very first time. You might have to try a million times before it works, the harder you try it just shows how important your idea is for you. How much faith you have in your idea? How much you think of your view point. Ask all these questions to yourself and you will find yourself revealing your story without anger or without a care in the world.

Every step you take to change people’s way of thinking is your improvement in life. It’s your success and observance. It shows your routine practice and your progress and the help and hope you have given yourself. Give priority to yourself and liberalize yourself. Once you do that you will be able to clearly understand if you are just being philosophical, stubborn, utterly useless or are you just trying to explain something. Is it just a perspective, a better idea that you would like to put forward? You are not forcing your idea on anyone. It’s not tyranny, you are not even trying to be demanding. You have the freedom to express your idea and your point-of-view and that is what you want to do.

Who would you call the biggest dictator of all times? You have your names I have mine. Is it really a free world and free thinking? Are we all at peace? Do we all have what we want? Aren’t people revolting somewhere or the other for reason or the other? Aren’t ideas being forced on people? Have we reinvented ourselves? Aren’t we always looking for new ideas that may just prove to be good for us and lead us to the path of happiness or end up being totally destructive? How many people surrounding us do we crush? We try never to face the truth. We say think like we are helping the society, we are blessed, we are giving back to the society. Are we really? Can we move ahead without hurting anyone? Is it rebellious to think in this manner? Are we harming ourselves by thinking like this? Should we just put away our ideas and listen to others who know better?

I don’t think so. Everybody thinks differently. Everyone’s view point is different. What’s right for one is wrong for the other. Few share the same cause and they come together for the sake of the cause. Few reach out for help. Sometimes they are heard and sometimes they are not. It’s not a fight, it’s a way of thinking a idea that has been born. We can only change the way the world works by having faith in ourselves, by not undermining ourselves, by having strong faith in what we do. We explicitly need to tell people that we are doing something that we believe in doing. We are standing by something we truly believe in. People will try to offend you, ridicule you say your ideas are silly and stupid. You have two options; Either you take their suggestions and forget everything or tell them to take a hike and move on with your ideas. When people don’t understand you, they will try to dominate you. Society in general loves telling their fellow human beings how wrong they are. Very few stands by or try to help. Most of them try to show their greatness. Everything should be a learning experience. Never let it bother you too much. It should inconvenience you, just enough to make you not want to do it. You have got to stop being squeamish and softhearted; that way you will achieve nothing. You will never be able to change anything. No one will take you seriously. Everyone will walk away.

Embrace the truth, question everything, stop being emotional, if you have an idea take the necessary action. The closer you get towards your idea the more you explore your idea, the more you will discover about yourself, the more confident you will become about yourself. Decide when you start getting ideas what you want to do with those ideas; how you want to channel those ideas? You will get a lot of advice, do you want to listen to those ideas or brood over them, get a destructive mentality and just get angry? Being happy is one of the key factors here and hatred and destruction defeats the purpose of changing the way the world works because you will never be able to move forward with your idea because you will just be stuck. Throw away the negativity. Some people deliberately try to prove you wrong and they wait for an opportunity for you to fail; but that does not mean that you don’t go ahead with your idea, because you feel your idea is flawed. People try to force their crude and ingenuous way of thinking. They like to oppress free thinkers. Society thinks people who try to change the way the world things are heady. They like the way things were and any sign of change gets them worried. There will be a lot of conflict, but without conflict there won’t be any progress. You know what you want to achieve, You are trying to take the right step, before taking the first step, before making any effort, if you listen to others and concede defeat then there is no hope for you. Why, should you let other’s make a choice for your life? Why not you make the important decision of your life? You don’t have enough information, but you have an idea, a plan, so go ahead with it. People hate change. They think its unnecessary drama and complication an issue no one wants when everyone wants a simple boring life. I’s just a different way of thinking. No one is purposely trying to go against your wishes, we want our life style to change. A better understanding, a recognition, it does not mean it’s a rebellion or sin to stand up for what we believe in. It just means we are human and we observe things, we have the knowledge of right and wrong, sometimes we are confused but we do know what we want and we do not like to be imposed upon. You are not fighting a war with anyone, you are trying to stand-up for your cause. Why would you wage a war, against whom would you wage a war? Those who believe in the cause can join the cause and those who don’t can go do what they like. Live and let live, but don’t annoy just because you don’t think we have the right to make our own choice. Trying to make our stand doesn’t mean we have to foolishly explain our actions to you. If you cannot admire us for our courage and support us then don’t defame us or condemn us, our emotions, our prestige matter to us. You cannot manipulate us and neither will be bear your injustice. Our efforts may fail, but we will change our plan because we have an idea to change the ways of the world and we think it is promising, brilliant, real and peaceful. We have confidence in the future. There is no deception, no conspiracy, no element of surprise, only communication and understanding for a common cause.

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