Cloud Security

Updated: May 29, 2021

Cloud security is large security data center only without the expensive facilities and the exclusive hardware maintenance that are generally required in these facilities. In the cloud technology, you don’t have to physically manage any servers or storage devices. Instead, you can use software security tools and continuously monitor and protect the information of your cloud system.

Cloud security is a fast-growing service whose main function is providing security to the IT industry. These services include creating backups of critical information and protecting data from being destroyed. Cloud solutions combines some basic features to succeed in the IT industry. Some of the key features of cloud security are flexibility, scalability and velocity.

Almost all organizations as a safety precaution have moved their data to the cloud.. As users adapt to latest apps and technologies, the demand for better quality security which will increase the flexibility to support higher workloads also increases. This digital, connected world also generates massive amounts of new data, so you need storage and capacity that can scale quickly.

One of the main benefits of cloud services is that you can operate on a large scale and maintain high security. There are different types of security tools that provides the necessary solutions and address all areas of concern. Cloud security does not change the approach on how to manage security from preventing to detective and corrective actions. but it does however give you the ability to perform these activities in a more agile manner.

The data is secure within the data centers. Most countries store their data within their country, choosing a provider that has multiple data centers across the world. Data storage often includes certain compliance requirements especially when storing credit card numbers or health information. Many cloud providers offer independent audit reports to substantiate that the data security within their organization is very effective.

Common security threats prevailing in cloud computing include email or other social accounts being hacked, data breaches, data loss, account information being stolen, identity hijacking, stealing security credentials, insecure interfaces and APIs.

Cloud security information is based on latest technologies and policies and it is designed to safe guard organizations information, data, computer software and applications and infrastructure, which are associated with cloud security.

Cloud Technology helps you find better and flexible approaches to solving security problems. Cloud technology helps enterprises focus on improving productivity and growing their business. Cloud security solution providers provide everything from backup destinations to disaster recovery services. Most companies invest in cloud technology as a long-term strategy. Cloud Solution providers provide a wide-range of online storage models for different business enterprise. The data that is even then the developers and operations specialists view point pertaining to a certain problem where cloud security is concerned is very limited since cloud operations is still a developing technology and the facts about the cloud security is very wide. In the cloud security industry, companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM are the major providers and have a large hold on the market and are responsible for the cloud security’s massive market growth. But on the flip side there are also many emerging cloud technology providers who provide detailed security information.

Many cloud providers do not provide detailed control information about their internal environments, and quite a few common security controls used internally may not translate directly to the public cloud. The SEC545 course, Cloud Security Architecture and Operations, helps understand Cloud Security fundamentals and concepts of cloud policy. Besides cloud security cloud types, cloud services, cloud controls such as Security-as-a-Service (SecaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) controls are discussed under cloud security.

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