Count your blessings

Updated: May 29, 2021

We complain all the time; but how often do we count our blessings? We compare ourselves to other peoples success all the time; but what about those who have been less fortunate than us? Do we compare ourselves with them and wish we were in their shoe? That's when we say "Oh Thank god I am not them!". That too is a crude remark. If you can't help then don't make such statements, let it be!

But generally on the whole we love comparing our troubles. We love thinking about it and stressing ourselves out. For a change, list out your joys. Sit down and think seriously; write down every little thing that you are grateful for. Everyday night before going to bed think of all the good things that have happened with you that day. Forget the bad things. Throw the bad things in the garbage can and shut it tight, don't you let it escape out of there. List only the good things, you will probably have sweet dreams and a better tomorrow. When you start counting your blessings you might just sit up and notice that the day or the week didn't zip by you without something nice happening to you; probably lots of nice things happened and you just with all your worries forgot to think about them. Develop a relationship with your happiness, by counting your blessings everyday. Cherish those happy moments and hope for a better tomorrow.

We have so many different kind of emotions in us, we are like the everyday weather, forever changing.

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.-Frank Lane.

Judge your present mood and go stand by your window sill and look outside and make a comparison; see anything similar? Do that a couple of times in a day. At the end of the day think how the day was? All the changes in the day and the changes in your life are quiet similar. Learn to embrace it. We can expect sunshine all the time, but the weather changes in the day and the weather changes in the life are unpredictable. Good and bad are part and parcel of life. You have to learn to accept both of them. The bad things that happen are just a learning curve in your life. It will only make you stronger. So count your blessings that you are alive and well today and hope you for a better tomorrow.

The weather that day and your story of your life that day could be pleasant, rainy, foggy or furious; You have to stop being nervous and angry. The storm is not going to stop because you are walking through it, the chaos won't end but you need to be strong, count your blessings for all the positive things and most importantly you have to embrace the art of patience; being calm can give you inner strength. Appreciate this very minute of your life., enjoy those little moments...learn to smile, instead of sitting and thinking of all the things you have not accomplished. Every time you feel chaos in your heart, mind and soul take a deep breathe and think of what you like to do. Your journey to your success might be long or short, but it begins with that first step; take the single step and keep walking ahead; don't stop. Depend on yourself to smile. You will realize your own strength.

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. Harry Finlay.

Count your blessings for the wisdom you have in distinguishing between the good and the bad. Conquer your fears, count your blessings for letting go of things that hurt you. Only you can give yourself that inner strength to move ahead. Don't ever think you have nothing. Count everything that you have, you do have somethings and count your blessings for things that you have and plan for the rest.

Don't let other people's negativity hurt you. Live your life and your dreams. Learn to enjoy life now. Just because there are people out there who feel you cannot be successful does not mean you are going to fail. They might say they are your well wishers, but are well wishers supposed to bring you down or stand by you? Don't be surprised if you find that their their advise is completely emotionless count your blessings and stay away from them. Count your blessings for the love and and support of the people you have in your life.

Count your blessings that you have a path to walk on; what path is right for you might not be right for someone else. Their point-of-view must be totally different; but that doesn't mean you have to live your life according to their principles. You need to prioritize. Count your blessings that you can think for yourself. Count your blessings for the confidence you have in yourself. Most important is that you have faith in yourself. The miracle of you reaching your goal will soon be accomplished. Be happy and count your blessings and you will just achieve more success and happiness.

Count your blessings show your appreciation towards life; it makes you think positive and happy thoughts and keeps your mind occupied with good things and a yearning to get more goodness out of life. Counting your blessings helps you sort the mess in your life. Be thankful for every good thing that has happened to you, develop a good attitude even for the negative things because it is a lesson learnt and you can stay away from it. Counting your blessings and taking baby steps towards the path you want to walk are steps to a bigger and brighter future and definitely your tomorrow will be better than today.

If you have a hand to help you, friends who can help you from any tight spot, then count your blessings and pray for them to be forever in your life and hope that someday you can return the favor but always show them deep gratitude. Gratitude is the best attitude to show how really thankful you are; it shows your humility and your compassion. If you want to change your life around then only count your blessings; don't ever dwell on the negative. Try to never ever burden yourself with past regrets, leave behind the people who hurt you and count your blessings that you have the courage to move forward; this only helps you move forward towards a life of peace and freedom. Achieving your goal is good but just because you are tip-toeing or maybe at a stand still point doesn't mean you will never reach there. Try to understand what you have to do to achieve your goals! It's a blessing that you can put things in perspective and be happy about it.

Have you really understood yourself? How do you evaluate yourself and the vast experiences you have gathered in this life time? How do you feel towards it? Most of us feel very negative and unhappy. We need to stop right there! Our experiences however painful or ghastly, happy or plain according to us are really our best teachers. Without knowing we have learned so much from our experiences. Your life is precious, you don't need anyone else to tell you this, but you need to repeat this to yourself. You need to have a goal and you need to achieve that goal and in order to achieve it you must dream happy thoughts and take that step forward. Count our blessings that you know what you have to do.

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