Finding God

Updated: May 29, 2021

Ever wonder about god and his existence? Do you wonder if he really exists or if it is just a desperate attempt to save yourself? Do you wonder how this theory of God started in the first place? How it all began? Do you just dismiss the idea that the entity such as god exists in times of our difficulties just because you cannot comprehend the concept r do you dare to be optimistic, having a hope in god and his strength, having faith that he will save you from troubles and tribulations in life; is it just an excuse to live a pathetic life? are you on a path to discover god? Did you lose God that you are on a path to find him? When did you lose god? I think reasons like depression, major crisis, scientific debates other emotional challenges etc. make us not believe in god, temporarily. Are you too busy chasing god and you don’t understand that he is right here besides you? All you must do is believe in him with your heart. I think you have heard for lots of people, lot’s of times “the lord works in mysterious ways”, what they mean to say is that they believe in the almighty god and his powers; but when he decides or if he decides to fulfill your desires is an answer they cannot give you. If you seek god, you will find him as you his children.

Simple question, when you face considerable complications in our life you get upset and angry and one of our reactions is to claim that “god does not exist”. You feel that if you did, then these problems would not ever come upon us. When some try to insist that there is a god, then you again try to wonder why he let Satan take us over? Normal human minds asking questions during despair. Satan the evil, the mischief maker, who hates all humanity and god’s children, us. Hurting us is to hurt god so he tries to do whatever he can to bring pain to us; physical or emotional.

But how simple is it in times like this to close our eyes and say, “There is a god and you have his blessing”. How reasonable would it be to say that there is a reason why everything is happening, and he has his own ways.

Some even believe that everything is just a coincidence and seeing is believing and since they have not seen God everything that happens to them is just a mere coincidence and they refuse to believe in God they prefer to be atheists and they are proud of the fact. Some want moral independence because they just don't want to discuss God and be bounded by god's room you want to make their own rules.

What is God according to you? What about god appeals to you the most? Is he merely the creator of the universe, the major embodiment who can fulfill all your wishes? Do you consider God your personal genie? Do you consider god the creator who can give you anything and everything you want? most of the people do. There are few who just worship god to feel the inner peace.

But do you love him only for what he gives us? Do you stop believing in him in times of difficulty? Do you say, “God you did not stand by me, so I do not believe in you anymore I don't love you anymore?”

This world is filled with a variety of religions it can be confusing at times because sometimes you feel that your expectations can be met if you join another religion I but is that what God is all about being a genie isn't that a common mistake that you all make? Every human being makes thee mistakes because you don’t know god and his way. His knowledge, his endless wisdom or his love for us.

If you are trying to find spirituality one of the main things that you need to ask us what is our definition of God? Do you really understand the true meaning of god? Can you put our trust in him without being confused? Can you tell yourself “I will not be afraid; I will have faith in him, I believe god is with me”? Can you truly believe that? Where, do you look for god? Are you looking in the right place for god or do you think it's the right place because you are told so? Have you ever bothered to question yourselves or do you just follow things blindly? do you know where exactly where should you should search?

I have heard over and over that if you knock on god's door and ask him something wholeheartedly, he will give. I have also heard that God is waiting to be found, but you need to look in the right place. God is everywhere, even within you; it’s just a matter of believing and surrendering to him. He can be found in your house in the darkest corners, in sunlight, in plants and trees, he's the creator of the universe.

But sometimes I wonder about darkness and even ask myself, how can god be found in the darkest corners? isn't darkness Satan’s domain? I don’t know the answer or haven’t found the answer.

I have no interest in knowing anything about Satan since I have heard he tries to mislead people. I just wish every time that happens god would step in. Have faith in god and probably bad things might stop happening.

Many religions shared the same kind of features most of the religions have been around for centuries. Some fight for supremacy. I wonder why they do that? Why they can’t just preach peace and harmony.

Do you necessarily need to be a part of religion or can you just accept the fact if there is a god and pray from your heart? Is it at all possible to forget your silly imagination that he's a genie, who does your bidding, but an entity to whom you pray in times of difficulty and happiness? You ask him for whatever you want to and hope that in time he will fulfill your prayers. You can do that much can’t you? You hope for miracles? God is a miracle worker. He created the universe and everything it. He created us. That is a big miracle.

Knock on god’s door means pray from your heart. There is no actual door that you can knock on. If anyone knows then tell me about it. I will be the first one to stand in front of it. You don’t know where he is, do you? His home is heaven. But sometimes you feel god is hiding from us. No, that's a true fact, people feel that when their prayers are not answered he is ignoring us or hiding from us. Now why will he do that? You are not thinking clearly. But don’t blame yourself, we all go through this. You just need to believe that there is a god; just have faith in him and ask him to walk with you, guide you, talk to you, help you make the right decisions. You just need to spread his word. You just need to tell people that there is a god.

It is not unusual to have doubts or confusions among religions. But just have faith in your heart that god listens to your prayers and in time your prayers will be answered; until then you need to keep requesting; also never forget to thank him for listening to you every day and ask him to forgive you for anything you have done. He is a merciful god; just as a parent does to a child. He probably takes time because he wants to know, how desperately you really want what you have asked for and how much you will value it once he fulfills your request. I mean how many times have you seen when you buy something for your child he plays, and after a couple of hours, he just starts ignoring it even though you spent a lot of money buying it for him because he has been really begging you for it? He just doesn’t want it anymore. We ask for big things not little toys because of our life experiences.

We have been asked to always ask god for guidance and that's what we do. We ask him to take our hand and lead us in the right direction; well at least most of us do. We are told that he is his formless and you just need to believe in your heart, and he is there with you and connect with him through your heart. We are told his love comes in the form of his blessing. we are told to remove all doubts and confusions from our mind about existence. It might is a difficult task to connect with something that cannot be seen. But if you close your eyes and tried to experience him then you will be able to experience him.

You just must look around the beauty of nature. Look at the things around you. Look at everything that he has created, and you will know god always has good intention for you. You can ask him, what you have in store for me? What’s in the future? What’s is my destiny?

The moment you shop struggling with yourself and start believing in yourself, if you try to fight the negative thoughts that come to you, positive thoughts are you not judging yourself and others. it's like you creating a little heaven for yourself by believing in yourself. This is when you can leave your past behind and move ahead. Living for now, being happy, instead of only indulging in the pitiful state, reminding yourself again and again instead of shutting up about it, understanding the fact that only you can help yourself deal with your insecurities, not just coming to terms but leaving bad experience behind, making that your strength by learning from it, is the heaven you create for yourself. That is the blessing. That's is the when you realize you have god's love.

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