Getting To Know SharePoint and Creating SharePoint Site

SharePoint is a Microsoft product. It's a web-based platform that is capable of doing things that the user has never imagined. But here I am going to explain SharePoint only from a technical writing point of view. You don't need in depth knowledge of SharePoint to write the documents. You need to collaborate with the developers and get the appropriate information from them to write your documents. Gathering the correct information from the developer is up to the technical writer. SharePoint is a vast topic and probably confusing. So there will have to be a lot of question and answer rounds because you will get a lot of different answers for the same questions and prioritizing them will be a real challenge for a technical writer. But then, that's what technical writing is all about; learning new technology.

There are developers who deal with SharePoint at its fundamental level, some explore it's functionality, while others use the cloud based solution and some other developers use SharePoint online and SharePoint Premises. SharePoint has a lot of depth and as a technical writer. You can approach SharePoint considering it as a business application or a product or a business solution or a business analysis asset; SharePoint has many different definitions, depending upon your role as a project manager, developer, technical writer. It is very important that you understand your role. the vastness of SharePoint creates a wide area of specialization. SharePoint is a Tool to manage documents. It can be assigned to create websites, it manages processes and procedures, it's a platform for sharing content, it's a workflow tool, on a deeper level there are SharePoint developers, architects and administrators.

A SharePoint technical writer contributes to the project by working with the management, the developers and understanding the needs of the client. You can write about the functionality , the cloud-based solution, the information portals and internet websites, content management, business applications, operations guide among other things. but don't try and get into the programming part of it; leave it to the developers.

SharePoint is a part of office 365. If you want a free trial of office 365 here's how you get it:

Go to

The office 365 home page will appear

You have to click the red button

To get SharePoint you need a business plan subscription

Click the For business tab to see the available business plans.

In the SharePoint App there is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own site. For beginners, this tutorial helps to understand SharePoint. SharePoint gives you a lot of options. When you want to create your own site it gives you the option of creating a team site or a communications site. You can make your choice. The difference between both the site will be discussed further down. Right now let's discuss how to create the site. You can also provide a description for the site and said basic privacy settings. A dialog box will be displayed which will provide a list of group email for the site. In this dialog box you will be able to add more team members.

Now you know how to create a SharePoint site and how to add team members.

This is SharePoint in a nutshell. I will keep giving more information on SharePoint. Keep reading my site.

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