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Updated: May 29, 2021

Ever played with the idea of writing a book or a blog? So, what’s stopping you? No confidence? Or don’t you have any matter? You have plenty of both. The matter is in your head. Pour it all out. The minute you start writing you will gain confidence. You don't always start writing extremely intelligent material of the good stuff that people want to read, you are writing your ideas and thoughts, so for the moment forget what people want. You just start writing your thought. You can always go back and edit and re edit make all the necessary changes. Writing is about baring your soul. No writer no matter how experienced, they probably are never completely satisfied with their work. It isn't really what you write, it’s how you express it. Lots of people want to become writers; why not? You do have a lot of things to say, so go ahead and write about it. Just don’t go on rambling but make it interesting. Making it interesting is a different thing altogether. Writing is a different kind of experience; anybody can say that they are a writer. You need to appreciate writing you need to take in criticism. Writing is self- consciousness; it reminds us that we are alive. There is no set time for writing; write whenever you feel like it. Writing is a gift and a privilege, it’s freedom; anybody can write; everybody does right from age of three when you go to pre-K. Writing is expressing your imagination. Writing helps motivate somebody. Writing a good book inspiring someone is writing. There are many forms of writing.

There are creative writing groups with their creative writing classes to teach people about creative writing. Some people attend those classes to improve their writing skills or to learn writing skills.

Some people are naturally born talented writers. Some are profession writers; they write books, blogs, memo’s etc. for others; they are called ghost writers. Ghost writers can help people can develop or put together ideas. and form them into books.

A writer’s writing is better done when you are by yourself. You need the space to think and express your thoughts and opinions.

Writing is not an excuse to not hang out with people. There are so many book clubs, that discusses books. Some people call writers introverts. That is not true at all. Writing is a hobby. Writing is a passion everybody can write a letter everybody can write emails everybody can write text messages every single person does that, but we are not talking about that kind of writing.

Here we are distinctly discussing creative writing and imaginative writing. Your ideas are inside you. your soul; so, it's a part of you, so putting it down in a piece of paper should not be difficult.

If you are going to write for somebody i.e. if you are going to be a ghost writer, that means you are going to put somebody's thought process into a book. If you're going to help somebody else write a book you become the soul of that person; he will open his heart out to you and tell you his story.

Everything in life can be written about every little phrase every little word can be written about nothing needs to be dismissed nothing should be rejected. Every idea and thought is important and a story can come out of every little phrase; all you have to do is to let your creative imagination run wild. If you have the guts to do it then be enthusiastic with your imagination; write down all your thoughts, then proof read, improvise, read again and again and make changes.

Don't ever doubt yourself and don't let other people judge you. The worst enemy to creativity is self- doubt; don't ever think “can I do it, I am not sure, may not, why take a chance!” yes you can do it!

Don’t think too much, just start doing it. you could write about anything you like. Do you write a diary? Most of us do, almost every day, without giving it much of a second thought. It comes so easily to you. What’s in the diary? you write about your personal experiences, don’t you? Do you write about what makes you laugh or cry? Do you write about your friends and family? Do you also write about people you don’t like and why you don’t like them? You write about things that hurt! you can write about So many things.

Writing should not be complicated, rather it should be simple and in plain language it should be in short words and brief sentences it should be easy to understand one if you think you want to write try it; give yourself that push. Whenever you are alone, take a pen and paper and write or type your thoughts and ideas on your computer but try writing type whatever is in your mind let it all come out and then read it again and again and keep making changes. You can bear all the facts, you can be as bold as you want to be, you can be as real or unreal as you want to be. you can make it imaginative you can make it passionate it's your mind your ideas you can have brilliant ideas you need to get your brilliant ideas across. Unless you put them down in some blog or in some book you are not going to get it across to anyone.

Do you just want to keep your thoughts to yourself or share it with the world? If you want, you can disclose all your secrets every experience of your life. You see, once you start writing words will just start flowing out. Writing is just not for introverts. Writing is for everybody’s right. Writing is about sharing your life experiences and occurrences. Writing is about storytelling. There are so many forms of writing you can make it creative imaginative, give the dreamer in you something to really write about; give the thoughts in your head respect by putting it into a book.

Simple humble words are best to express in writing. Writing is an inexhaustible resource because the limitless ideas are in your head and it just keeps pouring out. It's all about you making the right decision and expressing your feelings. Writing can make you very happy. When you write even the meanest or the darkest lines or when you're trying to vent or articulate you relieve yourself of so much pain! You put it in such a creative style, it all comes out and you find happiness because writing is your passion people might say things about writing because they don't understand writing or your zeal for writing. But these are your thoughts; it's happening inside your head; it's not other people's ideas so don't you think it's high time you put it in some creative form?

There is so many types of books; comedy books, financial books, technical books, autobiographies etc. Some books you enjoy, some books really touch your heart and soul, some books are inspirational some books are really motivating it's really your choice to make! How do you want to write? Don't just dwell on your dream, if you feel putting together the whole book is a difficult task then there are ghost writers who can help you put together the ideas. They will help you frame the work properly. Everybody has the right to write. Don't feel that you will be ridiculed just because you want to turn a writer. It’s nothing to be ashamed off. When you write you are being true to yourself! You can shake away your sorrows and you are reborn. That’s the kind of power writing gives you. Don't think that once you start writing and you stop that you failed. You might stop to think, or you might get writer’s block; it’s only natural. In writing you just start writing whatever is in your head. You just try to put your thoughts in paper. If you fail, then you might stop temporarily but that doesn't matter go back and try again. Writing is all about courage, try not to be nervous. Writing should never feel it's an impossible task to perform don’t just jump into a conclusion right at the beginning that you might fail.

If you like reading stories, if you think if you have thoughts going on in your head and you can become a writer too, then write. Doesn't matter if you cannot frame your words properly or you need a little bit of help then you can hire a ghostwriter to maybe proofread or filling the little spaces in between or make it a little more creative.

Right now, here I am just talking about you putting your ideas into the book you want to write. I'm not talking about punctuation marks I'm not talking about full stop or exclamations or question marks; nothing of that sort. I am just asking you to get those ideas which are floating around in your head and put it down in paper form; start doing it, maybe you will write a couple of lines in the morning another couple of lines later in the afternoon another couple of lines in the evening more tomorrow; that's how you start writing. It isn't simple but it’s really not difficult either.

It easy to start writing a diary; don't you write every day what happens? See you are already writing all you need to do is put together in some story form if you want to make a book out of it then you could go to ghost writer or a creative writer.

They are the same people who can help you write if you don't know how to do it yourself. But these are your thoughts and process’s here, so think carefully before you decide to share these ideas. Writing is just creative storytelling.

Let your imagination run wild; writing helps you step away from the world of reality for some time. Writing has no boundaries, the world of writing is limitless, it tests you to see how deep you would go into your imagination are you prepared to cross all boundaries? These boundary walls exist only in your mind. So be free. The power of your imagination will give you strength; it will give you creativity. Writing can give you a lot of happiness Imagination carries us to unforeseen worlds but without having imagination and creativity we go nowhere. Creating boundaries will be detrimental for your writing. When, you write let it be for freedom; be candid and inventive, after all it’s your book.

Imagination can bring about a lot of positive change. Use your imagination for creativity don't use your imagination for anxiety don't let negative thoughts get into your head and don't go imagining negative things. Creativity and imagination affect your soul.

Don't be scared of total silence when you hear total silence around you don't get anxious don't feel like you're about to burst into tears; start writing. Every time you feel you just had a good idea immediately take a piece of pen and paper and write it out. Good imagination does not necessarily guarantee success; but all successful people are highly imaginative. Imagination and creativity are huge motivation factors for lonely souls. A person who has no imagination is truly lost. People have writers block best way they remove this block is to get the assistance of other writers. Basically, it's just they have got their thought process stuck somewhere and they don’t know how exactly to move ahead. The idea could be in the back of your mind or the tip of your tongue, you just need to pull those ideas out. You have great ideas stuck in your head and you don't know how to put it down in pen and paper and that can get quiet irritating. Don't try to be a perfect writer; nobody is a perfect writer just enjoy your writing. Always stick to reality that will help you write better and don't worry if you feel you don't have a clear vision or definite plans just make the attempt to write.

If you feel lost or in need of direction you can always contact me for help.

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