I Outgrew You

Updated: May 29, 2021

Your smile was perfect,

I felt, life looked beautiful because of your smile,

You looked so gorgeous,

I had never seen such a drop dead gorgeous creature before,

Everyone said we were the perfect couple,

I could still find faults with the way I looked

But you, you were simply perfect.

I loved you,

You loved me.

We were entering the perfect life,

It's been years now,

When I look back,

I realize,

You are not what I wanted.

A companion, happiness to share the rest of my life,

That's what I wanted.

We are so different.

You always look for fame,

So many things you haven't yet accomplished,

No time for me,

I have to say goodbye,

I thought about it for so long,

Now it doesn't hurt,

I have been alone for sometime,

I outgrew you,

I cannot pretend to be happy,

Neither can I pretend to be perfect,

I want to be me,

I want my happiness,

My life is simple and uncomplicated.

You are too perfect and gorgeous.

I think I have the courage now to say it,

You are not for me,

I am not brave,

I just need my life back.

I want happiness,

Now your smile saddens me.

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