Importance of Documentation

Sharing a product knowledge through teamwork increases communication between the team and helps in understanding the product. A product knowledge can be in the form of user manuals, procedure guides, Specifications, Flowcharts, FAQs, power point slides etc. One of the most significant attributes of documentation is that it informs the reader about the repository of the content. Documentation helps the user focus on their goals.

Sharing knowledge helps in the onboarding process with an organization. An organization which works with lots of different kinds of tools, which helps in onboarding new tools for the convenience of its developers and engineers need to have its documentation in place.

Consistently detailing and authenticating their work is extremely crucial for the entire organization. Documentation helps to keep in track all the phases of an application being developed by the organization, and it also improves the quality of the product. Documentation helps to focus on some of the main attributes of the application such as testing, development, maintenance, knowledge sharing between different teams etc.

Unfortunately, not everybody believes in documentation, and they prefer to skip this process and entirely and yet some developers who do share information, sometimes prefer to share information in bits and pieces. It can leave a newcomer totally confused asking several questions about the application about the team. This probably is due to some misconception that the developer can easily just pick up on an as needed basis and documentation is just a waste of everybody's time and money. Documentation helps to save time. Documentation helps the team members and the organization members to understand how a team is performing and what team is all about. Outlining a set of objectives and documenting the same can greatly enhance the team’s productivity.

While creating an application it is very important to have detailed documentation for the application and its environment. Some main which needs to be specified in the documents are server name, URL, IP address, version number, user account information operating system and point of contact. Documentation improves feedback and helps the review process. Documentation improves the standard of work with optimal resources and minimal expenses.

Knowledge is information and it only increases by sharing. You can only gain insight by sharing knowledge and you don't lose anything by sharing knowledge. You can only share knowledge if you truly have the wisdom and most of all if you truly feel like helping others. If you feel like keeping all your knowledge to yourself, I feel it is a big act of selfishness and you block creativity. You can never grow if you don't share and sharing knowledge is the best way to grow.

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