Keeping your Commitments

Updated: May 29, 2021

Commitment, is what transforms a promise into reality.-Abraham Lincoln.

Commitment basically means a promise. It's about believing what you say and staying true to your self and the statements you make instead of wavering between your decisions or not being strong willed. If you believe in something, then go ahead and do it; don't let anyone stop you. You might find a lot of people trying to discourage you, without knowing your true intentions, but if you feel what you do is not going to hurt anyone and it's for your own good and peace of mind, then go ahead and do it. You should know what's truly in your heart, what you really believe in and please don't ever let panic get the better of you, Fear is the worst enemy of any commitment. Your commitment to yourself will give you a new meaning in life and provide you with proper opportunities and directions. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the right to chose a commitment with total freedom and without any fear of others. You are answerable to yourself; so stay true to yourself.

Once you make a commitment then you have to see it all the way through. Making a commitment takes a lot of courage, determination resilience, sacrifice and most important of them all discipline and hard work. A deep desire to attain something makes you commit to something and to pursue the goal. Your desire is your motivating factor. I admire those who are relentless in pursuing their goals to attain their success. I prefer to stay away from people who are opportunists in the wrong sense; What I mean to say is it's good to not let a good opportunity pass you by; but at the same time, if it means trampling someone feeling's and ego under your shoe then you need to stay away from them. I feel they are different type of people altogether. They can easily use and throw people. My warning stay away from them and don't be like them.

People always tend to say "Haste is Waste", I am not sure I do believe this entirely. I feel if you have set your mind to something you just need to go right ahead and do it. Take that first step immediately, then let things fall in place, you might fall a hundred times, but get up, keep going, take baby steps, but work towards it, you never know when the right moment will come. You can't just not make the commitment thinking "What if it doesn't happen?" Nope! that's not how things work. You have to believe in your self and in your heart. There will be many to discourage you. It's your commitment, your journey to make. It might be filled with loneliness, disappointment and depression. But you will never achieve success if you don't commit to your goals. Nothing comes easy you have to work hard for it, but the important thing you should remember is not to lose sight of your goal, remember your commitment and never lose track, just keep going. When you make a commitment you have to stay positive. That is the only way you can keep up your commitment. Don't bother to hear about all the negative comments people are passing, look for ways to achieve your goals, take all the help you can get but remove all the negativity from your life. That I feel is one of the basic steps towards making your commitment.

In my opinion your commitment should me to yourself, to your family and friends, to your work etc. If you are not committed to making yourself a better human being then you can not make anyone happy. The more you understand your own value the more your respect yourself. A balance should be maintained in life. The minute you lose your commitment to yourself the equation loses it's balance. It's very difficult to come back from it since you lose precious time. Everyday is a new day. Someday's you have good experiences and other days you might have bad experiences. You have to learn from your bad experience and move ahead and be happy with whatever little success you did achieve, but move ahead you must. Life is full of trial's and error's. I can hardly spot anyone with a perfect life. There might be a lucky few! I haven't met them. I know people who have really really worked hard to achieve where they are. I am not sure I should be calling them lucky. I should just say they are hardworking and committed people who set out to achieve something and they did. For some it takes longer than the others.

Whenever you enter into a commitment be it a bond such as friendship or disciplined commitment like weight loss make sure you know what you are doing! In friendships you might be giving your hundred percent but are your receiving the same kind of commitment in return? Should you expect anything out of this commitment? Is it a matter of personal choice? one of the key factors here?Is integrity? Some are really lucky to have good friends who make life long commitments towards them and help them through any situations on life. We don't even want to speak about fake not to talk about them and the damage they can do. They only want the good things in your life. They can never be strong for you. Don't compromise on your choices or happiness just because some others feel they know better and they decide to tell you what to do. You should not have these people in our life in the first place. So basically chose your friends wisely. Almost everybody commits to weight loss nowadays, so many time of diets, gym programs and exercises out there and many of them succeed and many of them leave it half way. Once you leave your commitment going back is very difficult.

You are in charge of your commitment. But how far should you go with it? Again that is a personal choice. You have imagined your life to be a certain way. You have the right to chose the people in it, the right to chose the type of work you want to do, it's your basic right to have that kind of freedom and everyone hopes to achieve it. You can't have any blockades in between your path even if it means you have to tip toe to your success. But if you make a commitment then stick by it. Don't let other people tell you what they thing is best for you, unless you have asked for their advice. But if you have made up your mind, you know that this is what you want to do and it is going to be a very difficult path, but tell your self first "I am going to do it, I know the path is difficult, but this what I want and I won't let anyone discourage me".

There will be a lot of difficulties but eventually you will make it. Have faith in yourself and what you believe. I am not sure I believe in accident's or coincidences. You have to work for it, atleast you have to try never give up without trying, It's not about being a sore loser or some one giving up too easily, your emotions are your own, maybe plans change along the way. That is why you need to be absolutely sure what you want to do. Commitment is hard work, what you want doesn't come easily to you, a lot of dedication and struggle goes into it but fear of failure should not hold you back from making a commitment.

Just remember one thing when the wrong people are in your life they hole you back. When they leave your life, all the right things happen in your life. You are a happier person to begin with and you will be able to think straight. Your commitment is first and foremost to yourself. Be strong willed about it. Maybe you won't have a plan, but you have yourself, trust in yourself and put one foot in front of the other and walk. Sometimes you might get a hand to hold your hand and lead you; but that is not necessary all the time. Don't be discouraged. Keep up your commitments.

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