Life Changing Experiences

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Life altering experiences can be anything; it depends on a person's capacity to accept the circumstances they are going through and their surroundings. It might be a hard battle, scary battle that a person is fighting all alone. If someone is with you help you fight the battle, it's a blessing. Nobody knows how upset you are or what you were expecting from your life. But if someone says grab my hand I am right here with you to help you through this, every step of the way, you have been blessed. But many many times that is not the case. We are fated to fight our battles on our own. It's our fate, it's the reality and we need to face it. The sooner we face it the better. They can either accept responsibility for their actions or blame someone else for it. In most cases they blame others probably because they are not able to accept the situation. The situation where life has chose to knock them down and in some cases rather badly and put them in a position where it has shown them things which they in their wildest nightmare never expected to see. The sadness, the desperation, the failure, the gloominess, they feel at that time needs desperate attention from loved ones. Any kind of betrayal can only cause further damage. But when people tend to mind their own business they fall deeper down the dark well that they are desperately trying to crawl out off.

They probably don't realize that life has thrown them a challenge and it is up to them to help them self and helping them self could be really exciting. At that time there is no opportunity to think; none in their heart or their head. That's when other people instead of asking them "What do you want to do? I am right here besides you to help you!". tell them what to do, because they know better. Know this, those are the people you don't need in your life. The people who know how you should run your life. They can't seem to wait to give you advice; it's like no one else would ever listen to them, so when you are weak they found a easy prey. Challenge yourself against these creatures and stand-up against them and throw them out of your life. It's one of the starting points of self helps. Don't change, just be yourself. Let the people love you like the person you are. Don't let them change you. Don't try to please anyone, trying to please got you in this horrible situation in the first place. Don't even fear the horrible situation you are in. Accept the change. Instead of blaming the current situation, count the number of things that are currently good in your life; chances are you will probably be able to let go of little bit of the fear you are feeling. Change always brings about fear; the unsure nature of your future is always scary. people's attitude will scare you. So many unaccepted things, but you are on your way to your way to a better future; your future. It's up to you to accept life's challenge. Who's on board with you, who's ready to help you, who turns away from helping you, you looks at this with positive attitude, who looks at this with negative attitude, is not in your hands. You just need to accept the challenge and probably tip-toe ahead, but walk ahead you must. You might not even know the direction you are heading, but it's better than standing still, just walk ahead and you will find your destination. You might make wrong turns, you might make make make bad decisions, but it is still good than the life you left behind. Listen to the voice in your heart, it's alright to feel the anger, resentment and hate. You are only human. "Worry" with a a capital "W" will probably be your constant companion. That happens when you are going through life's challenges. Close your eyes and pray. Pray to give peace through the storm you are enduring, pray that you don't lose faith, pray that he stands by you all the time and hope, never lose hope. are going Remember this yesterday was different from today and tomorrow will be different from today. Yesterday you didn't know today was going to come. You don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. So what you don't know is only going to make you stronger. Some of the things you know has made you weak, but it will also make you strong. Now you have a clearer understanding of where you stand, what is real and what is fake, Now you know what is important in your life, who has given you importance, there will be a time when you can put all this behind you and say I have been through worse. Right now you can make life's choices so seize the moment. Maybe you just want to head straight into your future without thinking of repercussions, just because it is going to make you happy. Just do it. Having someone by your side, to pick you up when you fall is very comforting, not all of us are that lucky; give yourself courage to have the capacity to confront everything that is being thrown at you; then go out there are face the worst. It does seem impossible but it is possible and only you can do it. If you have a dream, then dream it, have the strength to fulfill, tell yourself you will fulfill it. Chose to make your life the best with or without the support of others.

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