Occultism and it's conflict with Science

Updated: May 29, 2021

There has always been a constant debate between occultism and science and while trying to establish our own primary and fundamental theories we must remember to not create a distinct differentiation between topics such as religion, science, philosophy and history. Our grasp or rather our knowledge and the amount of information we have on these topics influences our level of understanding. of the other hand occultism is such a debatable topic; it believes in being manifested by the universe. It asks us to release our energy into the universe! How exactly do we do that? Breathe deeply? I'm not sure I believe in it even though I love reading about it. Occult sciences is such a suspicious and distrustful topic. You are never really sure that means you are either very apprehensive or you are skeptical when it comes to the topic of occult.

I love mythology or mythical stories and mythical characters. It’s really nice to read about Atlas, Odin, Medusa, Aphrodite, Hera, Hercules, Cronus, Prometheus, Thor, Minotaur etc. There are Indian Mythological characters too that I love. So many Indian gods and demons. I love them all, reading about it. I love to read about witches and witch craft, angels and demons and all supernatural powers. I have read books on the Salem witch trials and the people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693 and how they were found guilty and executed. Both men and women were found guilty, it was supposed to be one of the deadliest witch hunts in the United States. Witch hunt practices still go on in some parts of the world and so do witch craft practices and it is a very scary topic. People believed in bodily resurrection and supernatural spirits were invoked by the men and women who they claimed used black magic that took place at that time but the truth and reality no one really knows. I don't think occultism is reality.

How can you believe something when you have not experienced it? I definitely do believe in the existence of God and do my share of daily prayers and yeah sure I have not seen God either. But at the very least I think “GOD” is a positive entity. Believing in him won’t do you any damage. I think occultism on the other hand is just hallucinations. The deeper you try to look into the subject the messier it gets? Occultism worships cosmic principles; their beliefs and their laws exist only within their fraternity. That is why most of us have a yearning to know more about it; because we are kept out of knowing something. Occult powers on the other hand are much wide ranging; they consist of the power to alter dimensional structures and the developing course of sensitive beings. Occultism is always used to manipulate others it is never used for good it is always used with ill intent.

The world is not yet equipped yet to recognize the philosophy of occult Sciences. I have not seen a ghost or experienced any demonic activity neither am I prepared to go any of these places that encourage such activities. I doubt I even know anyone who does these things, certainly not anyone in my friends or acquaintance circle. I have a general knowledge that Medium’s and tarot card readers do these kinds of activities. They contact the universe and other demonic forces to help improve our future. But I think its utter nonsense and I have not yet ever encouraged any such medium or gypsy at a carnival or a tarot card reader. I guess I deserve a pat on my back for not being stupid. These, so called people who connect with the occult or hidden knowledge or magic of the universe or mystics and beauty of the unknown or whatever else they want to call it, let them guarantee or provide proof, first of all that there are beings, invisible existence or ghosts or demons, in this world. Let them convince that dead spirits are not only roaming this earth, but they have hidden powers which can help us. They can do no such thing. These nefarious practices are practiced only as a occupation by these people to rip people who have lost their hope; the devil does not come and whisper in their ears. This is total nonsense that they are trying to feed you.

Occult Science believe ancient magic to be real. The secret of the occult Sciences is that It has secret messages which needs to decipher. The nature of these messages seems to be vital for human existence at least that’s what people who indulge in these sciences believe; but modern science has just shunned occult science proving it be totally false and non-existent and maybe just some fraudulent money-making scheme. Occult sciences and magic rituals are anti-scientific and were never founded upon true laws of physics. It is basically a propaganda to control the masses. People indulging in occult science believe there are traditional secrets stored away since generations right from the middle-ages. People indulging in occultism Francine the art of magic they tried to decode ancient myths they believed in parallel universe they believed the word the secret keepers off the universe is unlimited secrets occult teachings date back 2 at least 5000 years it passes all the way back in Egypt. They even believed in books of spells and books of magic and they believe that this were the secrets of the gods and not to be distributed commonly among the public otherwise there will be a lot of chaos.

Occultism is fantasy it is all about magic and a cold character some people really do believe in this I don't know whether to call it a science or fiction or religion but they believe it with all their heart occultism promises freedom. Occultism preaches about natural forces and the rules of the universe and the mysteries of the universe mediums well from occultism this topic is shocking always has been debatable and totally unbelievable. occultism deals with supernatural mythical things do you believe in the manifestation of satanic powers it can really freak you out people just harm one another in the because they feel that they can perform voodoo and actually it's really horrifying when you readable these things but it's just human need you it's basically people who have gone crazy Curtis and believes in which graphs and talismans an A partitions and vampires.

Even though I like to read about these things I'm still a non-believer. I have never met anybody who can perform voodoo though there are many mediums and their little stores that have passed who claim to be able to connect with all this satanic power. I do not believe in all these things; it's just another way of making you spend a lot of money or you giving them your money. Oracle Sciences Involve telling the future they say they know to make future predictions; this is really ridiculous; how do this article spirits supposedly know all these foresights? How do they get these insights? Where do they get their divinity from? Do people even for once stop to think? It doesn't make any sense at all; but according to Oracle Sciences there are soothsayers and forecasters who tell the future with eh help of ancient technologies and all these are occult science which are unseen but apparent to a chosen few in the world. Whether that was the control they have over the planets or their deep knowledge, who’s to tell? Astrologers read the cryptic and ambiguous meanings of the lines inscribed in your Palm, to tell future. No, I do believe a lot in astrology and horoscope and I know a lot of people who do believe in astrology and horoscope and I don't think astrology and horoscope do fall under local Sciences some feel that this also fall under occult Sciences it's people's perspective how they choose to see things.

In the early century when people have made magic or medicinal potions to cure those who are sick, they were condemned for their action. In the earlier times it was always the church who made decisions. But today science takes the lead. The deep-rooted belief in the psychic independence and superiority is against scientific belief and they try to dismiss all psychic dependencies as means of controlling psychological and rational thoughts.

Even though I am really confused about my belief in occultism or rather I should say I don't believe in occultism; I feel that a small group of people through their experiments through their trial and error can bring about a lot of change in the world. Followers of the occult believe in only what they already know and in those things that confirm what they have already learned It is harder to develop psychic body when you are dead because all planes meet in In the physical and make them do as per their wish, I feel if you are dead that’s really the end of you, there is no after life; you just die. But occult groups believe that they can summon spirits, which is all very preposterous if not bizarre and incredibly nonsensical. There, is no law that says that the practice of all magic and supernatural activities is against the law; but trying to chase mystical powers is senseless and irrational behavior and people end up doing outrageous things to get hold of power. It’s just not immoral they behave in a unscrupulous manner to get what they want, even to the extent of being wicked and merciless all in the name of occultism.

I find that such foolish depraved reckless behavior is usually by people who don't have any control or self-respect in the community. It's more it's kind of a sour grapes attitude. Devil worship, religious oppression, hidden oracles these are all part and parcel of occultism and because the church and science feel susceptible and defenseless by this group, they are condemned. Superstition, evil, prejudice are all part of our community not just occult Sciences.

People suggest shamans, witchdoctors, practitioners of religion, gurus, or professors of University who practice of study occultism for their extensive knowledge in the subject matter. Forces in nature, invisible spiritual world, hypnosis, an expert in the field blends medicine and prayers and worship blending together the laws of the universe and field of medicine; but are they violating nature? they are perhaps creating lot of puzzles and a air of mystery and confusion, because we don't understand their methods, so we look on in annoying suspicion. There is irritation and discord only because we don't understand occult science, whether the secret belongs to the gods or the devil we know not. There are a lot of contradictions but lost souls wandering about the earth, few with the power to see them and talk to them and summon them all nonsense.

It is not a nature's health curing system; it is supposed to be a healing procedure which involves occult medical treatment and occult philosophy.

Science is always discovering and rediscovering new things. There is nothing magic about science. It takes a lot of intellect that's why scientists create so much fuss about occult science. They prefer to shun it. Occultism is firm belief of the existence of ghosts and spirits occultism believes in the existence of satanic powers and demons they believe in things like black magic and voodoo these things besides being scary is very discouraging to believe that such things exist in this society around you in a community where you're staying is very scary but there are a lot of people who believe in all these things there are so many things in this world that we do not understand so many things in this world that are so deceptive and dangerous so many facts in this world that are hidden so many truths that we don't know there's a fine we off lice it comes between us and the truth if you are drawn 20 cultism 2 occultism then how are you drawn to it why are you drawn to it did you have some kind of life experience that has shocked you or we can do has someone spoken to you about it a summons feel good about their similar experiences are you looking for a change of pattern in your life is this some sort of liberation that you're looking for what does occultism mean to you if you are aware of the black magic is the process of self-transformation; black meaning the hidden wisdom the power of the darkness, the power of the dark King, the satanic powers, scary dreams and facing the unreal.

The unknown dark dreams some people believe that if you pursue the satanic powers you can become immortal in spirit. one thing that the devil exists inside you. You are the one who makes the choices whether to do right or wrong you as a human being a perfectly capable of making the right or wrong decision and you make your own choices when you experience hell you are in the dev incident you are in the Devils realm. The devil is nothing but you and your evil thoughts the devil is the impure thoughts that you have about causing harm.

In the 16th century many noted prophets, philosophers, astrologers like, Nostradamus, Benevenuto Cellini, John Dee and John lambe, were consulted by high nobility to predict future events. They have even published books. Nostradamus book “Les Propheties” a collection of 94 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting all future events has not only been very famous, but Nostradamus predictions have been considered to be true and he was also known as a medicinal healer, who had even found remedy for the plague. Nostradamus had predicted the great earthquakes, wars, floods, invasions, murders, droughts, and battles. The occult science they practiced included astrology, alchemy, divination, forecasting, practicing medicine, summoning evil spirits etc. Nostradamus was also known for the technique of foretelling the future by looking into a crystal ball; this was known as Scrying. which involved the practice of looking into a translucent material such as a crystal ball to perceive visions.

Frankly speaking occultism and science is a debatable topic and a mystery too. It is a topic that often leaves even the most cultured intellectual tongue-tide and chaotic. The planets enable the mind to acquire some knowledge of space. Where all logical explanations fail, the brain will reflect an active will and a desire to know the unknown. We have a powerful memory and most humans are intuitive. We are filled with emotions. Science is full of logical experiments. Science is full of trial and error and is a natural phenomenal. It does not believe in make-believe, it only sees black or white.

If you consider public opinion science and it’s logical explanations will definitely win over occultism which we are not sure really exists. It’s a shot in the darkness.

Science is like an antidote to the poison; science is a beautiful gift to humanity, and we should not misrepresent the facts. Science is structured knowledge gained with lot of information c gathering and experience. Science is not concerned with any religion and it is contingent heavily on expertise, skill and technology not on any mumbo-jumbo. Science depends on a lot of research and study; trial and error and you get to learn a lot from science. Occultism may borrow tips from science, but it is not science. Occultism is more like a series of guess work where as science is a pattern of procedural studies and experiments.

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