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Updated: May 29, 2021

A ghostwriter can be enthusiastic and give glowing reviews about their writing abilities and about the number of books they have written and the varieties of books they have written but the setback is that it might sound a tad inadequate and without any tangible verification the person on the other side potential client may perhaps contemplate the authenticity of the ghostwriter’s elucidation. Most of time ghostwriters refuse to provide free samples one of the main reasons being the material they have written are for someone else and hence they have no right to claim their rights on those books and if they write free samples then that is providing free work to the potential client and probably the ghost writer does not really have the assurance of hearing back from them. So, the best solution a ghost writer can do is just make a deal with the potential client and write a short story on a topic chosen by the client for maybe 500 two 1000 words at a price agreeable to both the ghostwriter and the client. The other solution the ghost writer can do is right on a topic and put it up on his or her website for the client as a portfolio so the client can never use it as their work. But writing a compelling story to get the clients approval is the best way to proceed. Be precise, encapsulate your story/plot in an impressively significant and persuasive style capturing the essence, focusing on the topic and most essentially understand what you want to express or portray. It is very easy to get overwhelmed but that should not be reflected in your writing there will be a lot of material that you feel needs to be included in your story, so you must be concise with the details. In most cases ghostwriter usually do not get references from their clients. If they do get approvals, then they need to have a written agreement stating that their work can be used as samples and the client is willing to give them a good reference.

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