Psychics - Are they Cunning or Are you Stupid?

Everyone knows who Physics are. That word doesn't need any particular explanation. Neither do what they do need any explanation. They always say you don't have good luck, basically they take your money...if you allow them they will take all of it. They never say anything good to you and if you have gone in to their parlor just for the fun of it, you come out with fear and possible feeling of doubt and anger. You doubt everyone.

If you are feeling bad when you went in, you come out feeling a thousand times worse. You are meant to make them happy. They scare you then make you have faith in them and they break your trust. Money is what they want.

Some common question by psychics:

Did you lose your Job? They knew it.......they could read it on your face....

Did you not get a promotion? It was meant to be yours......but the other person used tricky tactics...

Are you unlucky in love? Hmmmm.....they feel bad for you but it's your negative energy that is spreading everywhere

Did you get a divorce? They can see the evil around you

Are you getting a divorce they will know how to stop it.

Is a loved one not well?

Did a close relative die?

First reading they will ask a small amount. Second time a larger amount. They ask you to burn a candle.....and other nonsense. Then comes the fun chemical experiment. They say they can feel the strong negative energy around you. It will destroy you financially unless something is done quickly.

Of course they would do the needful. They will show you proof of the negative energy inside you and how with a few chants and deep breathing they pull it out of you...seriously I mean.....Can you make a fat person thin like that? No...they clarify that before's spiritual healing they do not got to go to the gym and stop eating all that junk food and that lovely delicious chocolate cake, flan and puddings if you want to reduce your fat...psychics can't help you with that.....

They can take lots of your money perform a simple chemistry experiment with startch & iodine and water, turn the water black and say your bad energy has been removed. This experiment can be performed by a eleven year old at home. I am also giving the link for the experiment. Try it out. Seriously....if you fall for will lose more money...

So you had some bad luck...pull yourself together.....cut your loses.,,.move on.....Pray if you are hurt...If you are a atheist and don't believe in god, then believe in yourslef. tell yourself that you will not let this bad luck foo you. Don't lose money you don't have.

As far I can understand Psychics are cunning, I won't call them intelligent, who pray on your trust, pain, fear and they give you hope, by making you believe they can see your negativity and remove it and they make a living out of it. If you are stupid then they are lucky. Fleecing people for a living is their job. Save yourself. Stay away from such people.

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