Read between the lines

Updated: May 29, 2021

My work is detailed and I like to capture every little information be it a software manual or a person's wild imagination. Discussion on the topic brings out the best details. Exchange of ideas, searching for options, agreeing and disagreeing with each others thoughts, reading between lines brings out the best results.

I will be putting up a lot of little stories too. My stories are just different. I hope you like them......

I promise not to be offended or angry, if you ask me questions.

I have written blogs for many people, I have asked questions on many blogs, some never bother to respond, one person was extremely offended and she infact told me that she had not written "Her blog, which had her name on it" but it was written by someone else and so even if the story was wrong she had absolutely no intention of removing it.

When people post something on their blog they should cross check, check for facts, make sure what they are putting down is indeed correct.

Sometimes mistakes do happen. We are all humans. So if someone does point out something then either clarify the mistake or rectify your mistake. That's my policy.

Any little comment helps. I am open to answering all your questions. Believe me you will only be supporting me.


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