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Updated: May 29, 2021

I first heard about regression therapy a few years back.....maybe ten years back. The whole idea quickly amazed me. Such a thing existed? People actually believed in it? Okay let me me just start by explaining the term "Regression Therapy".

Actually the whole idea of hypnosis scares me. God alone knows what all we might just say under the deep trance.

Almost any hypnotic subject capable of going into a deep trance will babble about a previous incarnation if the hypnotist asks him to. He will babble just as freely about his future incarnations.-Martin Gardner

Well see my point exactly! Regression Therapy is utter nonsense. But then it does seem very interesting topic.

Regression therapy focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness. This is mostly concerned with past life issues. They believe in reincarnations and they firmly believe that the person having these recurring dreams are just revisiting their past life events. I mean, I am not even sure I have had a past life. I do have some recurring night mares.

Regression therapy works through hypnosis; Hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis both play a major part in this therapy and from what I have read it was during the 1950's that this theory was developed. Can you call it a science?

I saw on television a few years back that a regression therapist hypnotized a man who was not only afraid of extremely afraid of even looking at snakes but he was even attacked by snakes a couple of times. He had distanced himself from his parents and they too had stopped even acknowledging they had a son like him. It bothered him since he did nothing wrong. After hypnosis they discovered he was in a relationship his parents did not approve of and that was the cause of the rift between them. (That could have been found out by a normal friend or even a psychiatrist if he had been one about it; there was no need of hypnosis). The therapist then went ahead to say that the reason he is so afraid of snakes and the reason they have attacked him is because he has killed a couple of snakes in his past birth. That man totally believed what the therapist had to say. There was no doubt in his mind. He didn't quiz him just accepted the facts the therapist was giving him. I was amazed at the whole thing.

There are times when i really want to try out this therapy, just out of curiosity. But at other times I tell myself what if this whole thing is just another hoax? Are you sure you had a previous birth before? Is this going to increase my self confidence? My friend who suggested regression therapy to me a few years back said "you will get to know yourself; no harm in that". She had done this and she said she felt better. We were good friends but teh details of the therapy she didn't discuss with me. She didn't even tell me what major changes had been made in her life and I din't press her to tell me more.

How true is regression therapy? For me reincarnation is still a myth. But for many reincarnation is a natural process of human life. Some feel you take atleast seven births others say you go through millions of life cycles, some others believe in resurrection etc. But you don't know what you were in your past birth. Past life regressions theories and reincarnation theories are frequently regarded as pseudosciences, which means t's not really a science but a collection of beliefs which are mistakenly regarded on scientific methods. Doesn't make sense to me! does it make sense to you? But still I am curious about it; go figure. Is it really possible to peep into your past birth? What if after the therapy the person feels even more traumatic? Are these therapies really that successful? Does this have a future? Is this gong to be a holistic method of healing a person?

There have been some stories that have come out which have proven to be false. Sometimes people built up characters they have seen as kids and have had deep impact on their live but as they grow when they are not in contact with those people anymore and they just become memories, then they have taken up their identity and claim to be that person in the past birth. People read books and admire the characters in the books and decide to become those characters.

The Story Of British hypnotherapist Arnall Bloxham who performed regression therapy on one woman and produced over 400 tapes was astounding. He was a successful hypnotherapist who inspired by stories of past life regression did researach on this subject for twenty years. This incident took place in the 1970s, these tapes were published in the Sunday times as a series. BBC producer Jeffrey Iverson headed the charge and in 1976 he even produced a documentary film on the Bloxham tapes.

Mind Boggling is what I have to say. But read on. (I was shocked when I read this story).

This was the story of a Jane Evans. When ever she was under hypnosis she told astounding stories. She did not disclose just one of her reincarnation but quiet a few of them; six of them to be exact. When television viewers saw her under hypnosis she didn't seem like she was acting. Her emotions seemed real; her easy grasp of the names and places made it seem like she was indeed remembering things from her past. Her first incarnation character went back to the Roman Era. She was a woman by the name of Livonia, her husband was Titus and Livonia was a tutor to the son of the Roman Governor Constantius. This took place in the third century.

In 1189, Jane Evans was Rebecca, wife of a Rich Jewish moneylender from York. in 1450 she was Alison and Egyptian servant girl working in a French household of Jacques Coeur, a wealthy merchant and financier. In the 16th century she had been a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon. In 1702, she was seamstress in London and her name was Ann Tasker. In the early 20th century she was a nun, Sister Grace living in Des Moines, Iowa.

Here even though she gave the names and places of her birth, she didn't mention anything that happened during these births. Any incidents or any events.

Jeffrey Iverson searched Historical records and found a number of facts that did mach the stories of Jane Evans and they reached a very strong conclusion that Jane Evans was indeed a reincarnation and she was telling the truth. Jeffery Iverson's publicist even went on record saying this was the most authentic evidence of the certainty of reincarnation.

But then there are some who are ever doubtful like be and some absolute non-believers who will go to any lengths to expose a fraud and Melvin Harris was one such person. He decided to explore a term called Cryptomnesia. This term literally means hidden memory. This term was coined by a psychology professor Theodore Flournoy and is used to explain the origin of memories but which are actually based on memories of events people like Jane Evans have forgotten. Past life regression therapy is nothing but confabulations of the person being hypnotized. Her's another new word; "Confabulations". This word means that the narrator under hypnosis narrates a story which he believes to be true. But It isn't true at all. What they are trying to say is that the narrator is making up stories probably because they have some brain damage or psychiatric disorder.

The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise.-David Dunning.

Confabulation is when people embrace fantasy as reality; their reality. This is a well known phenomenon and even talk show hosts have exploited this baffling unconscious self ignorance.

Going back to the Jane Evans story, Harris made a career out of exposing hoaxes and frauds and he was particularly adept at identifying the frauds which involved literary origins. Jane Evans, first incarnation was Lavonia. Harris proved that Lavonia was a character based on the book "The Living Wood by Louis De Wohl" and the book was written in 1947. Rebecca's story is based on a radio play about the York massacre, Alison's story is from a novel The Moneyman by Thomas Costain published in 1948. Agnes Sorel, the lady-in-waiting, her tomb has been a tourist attraction throughout the twentieth century and has been described by H.D. Sedwick in his "A Short History of France" .

If anything this proves that Jane Evans was a good reader and that probably the research conducted before releasing the Bloxham tapes were not complete. But nobody was declared a fraud here. Publishers of these tapes believed these tapes and the Regression Therapy method to genuine and not fantasies of human imagination.

Even now regression therapists use this method of therapy to help people find answers to their emotional, mental and physical problems. They believe it to be a process of spiritual healing.

But are regression therapists just like mediums or clairvoyants or psychics? I guess they are different from astrologers because astrology involves reading planets.

Well from what I have derived for those who are curious about it they probably should think again and again if they want to believe what they will hear.

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