Regularly Flooding of New Technologies

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Literally everyday the market is flooded with new technologies or the old version is being updated with new features and it becomes quiet difficult to keep up with them. The latest technologies in the market is pushing all boundaries. They help to build reliable business systems, to help companies realize market potential, to give a better insight into the business etc. The quality of these products are much better, the risks are less, digital security threats can be identified and dealt with easily and with much more precision. Everyday new technology is being introduced in the market. Hardware technology devices are being sold in millions but the competition is fierce and better products are being introduced almost every other day which has better features, so many apps, so many gadgets, so many software devices being introduced every single day; it becomes very hard to keep up with all this.

Reading blogs is one of the best ways to keep up with the latest developments. Blogs provide so much information. While some blogs concentrate on latest technology, some blogs keep posting latest updates. All you have to do is search and you will find loads of information on different blogs. Some blogs describe the new software technologies that are good learning tools in the field of technology others try to concentrate on technical content in that is important in today's software industry. You can always teach yourself to a great extent with the help of these blogs. What I mean to say is that these blogs are so well written, so informative that you can be "Self-taught". That's a good thing for you and it reflects the deep knowledge and experience the bloggers who write these posts have. So your precious time is not wasted. Of course there might be a lot of blogs if you do a search, there might be a lot of of stuff in these blogs that you need to scan through and only you need to understand what you need to sink in and what you need to omit. Many times too much information is provided instead of just step-by-step information. It is probably just frustrating to read through so much information to get to the real point. So sometimes you are left with a little bit of confusion because you need to learn stuff quickly but in a short time and there is too much information to scan through and when you look through these blogs, some of the information provided makes sense but you are probably scratching your head reading some of the other stuff.

With all the latest technologies being developed on a regular basis that is not what you want. you need quick answers and frankly you don't have the time or money to go and take classes. Lets face it some of these classes are very expensive, even online programs are a minimum of 600$ for four classes a month and you really don't have that much time. So blogs with minimum but good information is what you are looking for. I know that's what I like to read. I am not trying to read the entire "Dummies Guide" here. There are lot's of Q&A sites, which are properly written which makes it easier for users to scan and find the information they require quickly. But it is also short and up to the point and not detailed content which might make understanding complex technology a bit difficult. FAQ's are quality content and it is used in every organization as a method of training, but before that the user must have a little more knowledge of the technology; only then will the FAQ's or Q&A's help him.

Blog writers leave a reflection of themselves in their blogs. Their level of experience in that particular field, the hard work they put in to create the blog is all reflected when they write the blog. The blog writer should know that there are too many choices for the users and it is risky to write the blog since the information he is providing should be concise and not overwhelm a reader and for that the blog writer should know his subject very well and how to go about writing them. First and foremost the blog writer should understand his main goal in writing the blog. Then he will be able to identify his goals with the users goals and objectives.

1. One of the first things he/she should do is to break complex technological process into simple step-by-step process.

2. Don't give too many examples.

3. Don't use complicated words use simple language.

4. Use a lot of screen shots, graphs, colorful design to capture the attention of the reader.

5. Use proper headlines, sub-headings. bullets etc

6. Use flowcharts to explain how the system works

7. Add links which you think are useful contributions

Check out some these links. It's just so you can stay updated with the latest technologies. Happy reading. Hope you find what you are looking for in these links or else let me know and I will try and find them for you.

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