Success in no accident, it's pure determination and hardwork.

Updated: May 29, 2021

What is success? An achievement of your goals! But is there a finality to your success? After you achieve your goal do you just stop there or go on further? Success is a broad term. I want to discuss the success of our dreams, our day-to-day lives, the discussions we have with others, the advice we get, the hurdles we face, our dedication in achieving our success. How strong and determined are we to achieve our success? Can we endure the failures we face and keep trying or do we become halfhearted and give up and just lose track?

Success is no accident. Success and failure are not circumstantial; it is based purely on the decisions you make. First of all it requires a lot of commitment and enthusiasm on your part, you need to motivate yourself, it is pure hard work, perseverance, constant learning, sacrifice and most of all you need to love what you are doing. Success is never the end; you constantly need to improvise if you need to keep on getting ahead.

Failure is not fatal; it could be a temporary hurdle or hindrance in your road to success, but it is also a huge learning curve. Through failure comes success. Failure gives you the courage to continue. You have the choice to either do nothing, make a different choice or try a different approach. The choice would be entirely yours. The road you take is entirely your choice and that matters. It is better to fail in the beginning then to succeed. Some are lucky, they get success in everything, but some aren’t. Those who aren’t just get up and walk on ahead. They take the road ahead of them.

Success can be huge if you are lucky but don’t be disheartened because success does have it’s restraints; success comes in limitations. We might be doing everything right, taking all the right steps, to achieve the road to success but we end up at the door step of failure. You must keep trying. The thing is the road to success and the road to failure are practically the same.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for he right opportunities. Success just doesn’t happen to anyone; you must create the opportunity for yourself. Don't be afraid to take a risk. Sometimes you must get out of your comfort zone, take risks, work with unfamiliar surroundings, work hard even though you are not a hundred percent sure the step you are taking is right you just need to take it since that seems to be the only available step you have in front of you.

Listen to your inner instincts. Don’t be put off by negativity and don’t be hurt when people start to suddenly ignore you or make excuses to not meet with you when you are a failure. Just because you are not a success at this point of your life and you are depending on them, doesn’t really make you a clingy person. Only you can define yourself. So, you are down on your luck. Success hasn’t come to you yet. But you are trying, and you must keep trying. Luck has a huge hand in success too. The more determined you are, the harder you work the more luck you on your goals. will have. Don’t just give up, it’s not cowardice, I would not call you a coward, naturally it is your choice to make, but giving up on your dreams, living that free life, just because you failed once, is really not something you should do, not if you really thought hard before even following this path. Forget people’s negative advice or advice that goes against your ideas, don’t even give them a second thought. Only take in the positive, encouraging suggestions. Remember you need to succeed in life and if there are people who can help you up that ladder of success you are in luck. It’s a dream come true. Otherwise you are on your own. Then do it on your own. It’s your dream, your goals, don’t give up. Don’t ever feel you will not be successful. Don’t lose your enthusiasm because you failed the first time around. Failure only makes you realize that this method or option doesn’t work, and you need to try some other method to achieve your success and that’s the road you need to take. So, go back to square one and work harder to achieve success. You need to feel confident that you are closer to success. People have the wrong misconception that failure is the enemy of success. Nope! Absolutely not. If anything, it brings you closer to success. You first begin by thinking that you have so many options, but when you fail at one option and you have to start again, you realize that this was a wrong option. All you must do is try again, not be discouraged and give up. There is a powerful driving force, a strong determination, inside all of us if unleashed can make any dream a reality.

Failure is not the end of the world. If you are not prepared to be wrong, then you will never have time to come up with a creative and innovative idea. If you want to be imaginative then you also need to know you might fail; remember that everything might not go as you plan; then you can try again and then you probably will gain success. Failure should only increase your determination to succeed. It proves to you your own inner strength. Nobody remembers a failure. Everybody wants to be friends with a success. Only you will remember the rough times you had.

You might lose, you have to learn from failure see you can get on ahead you learn from your mistakes you will get better after you make mistakes make all the mistakes you can because that's when you get up that's when you get better at success if you're not willing to take risks you will never be successful then you would just ordinary do you just want to be successful or do you want to change the world set your goals if you want to be successful you have to step outside your comfort zone and prepare yourself for the success. Don’t let your fear hold you back face those strong winds head-on. Set your rules and make sure no one changes the rules for you.

To succeed you need to have a strong drive and energy, a feeling that you can do it, a knowledge that you are exploring the already existing possibilities and you are on the road to discovery. The more you explore and learn the more you succeed, you drive to succeed increases and you try to discover new techniques to succeed. Failure will be in the past. Through failure comes success but through learning and exploring comes the positive results of success.

There are no secret mantras to success other than hard work and learning. Success is the result of appropriate research. There is no result to success; you have to keep working hard in order to achieve success or else you will lose everything for which you have worked hard. Let your success inspire others. If you fall get up and move on

Don’t just dream of success do your level best, work hard, don’t just be interested in something, be committed towards it. If you can dream it, you can do it. But you need to work hard and achieve results, you cannot just do things at your convenience. Success defines who you are. Remember you are the person who has a set of goals and no matter what you will achieve your success. Failure will not impediment your path to success. It might stop and make you speculate your course of action but that is only a temporary delay, a small hurdle that you must cross. Success reflects the difference between who you are and who you want to be. Your yearning for success should be greater than your fear of failure. In order to succeed we must first have faith in ourselves. Faith, that we can endure the many failures and challenges that we will have to face, and that quitting is not an option. Another one promise we must make to ourselves is that we won’t give up or be distracted by criticism.

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