Superstitions People Believe

Updated: May 29, 2021

What are superstitions?

It's an extreme belief in a fallacy and the consequences of these beliefs are severe. It's a fear, a senseless fear of a thinking mind. Even the strongest most educated person can be superstitious. Trying to explain to them that these things do not happen will probably look like we are trying to mock them. Are these superstitions true or is it just mere coincidence? Most of these superstitions are practiced world wide and so their origin is not known. But some have really interesting stories behind them.

What are some of the most well known superstitions? Here's a list I have compiled:

1. One of the most famous is that 666 is the Devil's No? The number of the beast? really?

2. No 13 is very unlucky don't do anything on that day especially if it's Friday the 13th never do anything on that day. What you set out to do will go wrong! Schools and work places are not closed on the 13th. Malls, restaurants, shopping places, grocery stores, florists everyone is open even religious places. The movie Friday the 13th freaked me out. Well all horror movies do.

3. No 7 is considered a lucky no.

4. If you feel someone is not happy with your recent success or your looks or your good health, then take some salt and spin it around your head three times. Your bad luck disappears.

5. You can repeat the same process with dry red chilies. But the Red Chilies you need to put them on fire. if the fumes don't bring tears to eyes or don't give out smoke, which is what happens when you burn red chilies, that means the effect of the evil eye was that bad and now it is being burnt away.

6. If a black cat crosses your path, then it's definite you are going to have bad luck. I once had a Uber driver once who asked me if he wants me to stop for a couple of minutes on the side of the road or should he just turn around and go in another direction. i was baffled and told him to just drive on. He was annoyed. He considered the black cat a bad omen.

7. Avoid walking under a ladder. (I am sure there is every possibility of it falling on you)

8. Step on a crack and break your mother's back (That saying cannot exist nowadays. The roads are really really bad).

9. Don't open your umbrella indoors (Why not? Well if it's wet then chances are the water from the umbrella will drip all over the floor and someone might slip and fall and get hurt or else while you are opening the umbrella if you are not careful you might poke someone's eye with it. Well that is bad luck, but it is an unfortunate accident that could have been avoided if you were careful.)

10. Knocking on wood or Touch wood; when someone says something appreciative regarding themselves or someone else they sometimes use the term "Touch wood" or The reach the nearest piece of furniture and knock on it sand say "Knock on wood". Something I never understood but I have done it many times and I think I have been trying to stop some of my superstitious habits.

11. If you find a four leaf clover, is supposed to bring you good luck.

12. Cross your fingers; apparently doing so brings you good luck. Is it left finger over right or right over left, leaning to the left or the right, straight up in the shape of a cross I have no idea. But people do that in the hope that it will bring them good luck.

13. Breaking a mirror can bring you seven years of bad luck. In earlier times people actually believed that the mirror was the reflection of the soul. From what I have read and heard it was the Romans who declared that breaking a mirror would bring seven years of bad luck; but I am an Indian and I heard my mother say it all time. It is a very comm on superstition in India too. As I am sure most of the other parts of the world too; believe in it I really can only say this it is a world wide belief.

14. Make a wish on the wishbone; two people would hold on to a wish bone from a chicken, they would each make a wish and then they would crack it. The person who holding the longer piece of the bone was said to have good fortune or would have his wish come true. again as far as I have read and understood it was the ancient Romans who were the first to recognize the wishbone as a symbol of good luck.

15. Bad Luck Comes in Threes, people believe that during the day if two bad things happen to you simultaneously then a third bad thing is bound to happen and you should just embrace yourself for the worst.

One very interesting story connected to this superstition is that during the Boer War, between the British and the Dutch soldiers, the British soldiers tried to light three cigarettes with one match. The Dutch soldiers realized the pattern and they shot and killed the third British soldier thus killing quiet a few British soldiers. Was this a very good war strategy or was this pure fiction? This story is out there.

16. Keeping your Hat on the Bed was considered a bad Omen; well honestly all I can think of is if you sat on it by mistake then it would become flat. It's shape would be lost. That's bad especially if the hat is expensive. But anything else I think would be ridiculous. But again people have their beliefs.

17. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue; The The bride borrowed something old, like a old jewelry from her mother to wear on the wedding day. Something old is to keep the bride's future family and her parents and siblings all connected together. This showed optimism for the marriage. The bride borrows something from her well wisher or best friend for good luck. Blue is the color of fidelity. Again this seems to have originated during the Roman Era.

I could go on and on. It's fun writing about it. I think these are just pure ordinary mishaps that happen to people but they tend to believe it because of what they have heard for so many years. Many people find themselves engaged in these beliefs and taking the help of mediums, tantrics etc to get rid of their fear. They wear lucky charms, lucky birth stones etc. Sometimes superstitious beliefs can lead to irrational decisions rather than making simple decisions as and when needed. People just tend to say "This is what my fate has in store for me" and seem to resign to it; rather to trying to do something logical. Superstitions largely believe in curse, spirits etc. I have to admit I am somewhat superstitious, as I say Bless you when a person sneezes, I do believe in jinxes, There is a lot of anxiety involved around superstitious believes. It has been found and experienced that uncertainty about events in a persons life causes them to become superstitious and a person who does not understand these things get easily manipulated, he loses control of self and probably even depressed.

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