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Updated: May 29, 2021

I am an experienced technical writer, who is highly knowledgeable for organizational ability and effective documentation in the field of finance, software, high tech,consumer products etc. Technical writing is all about dealing with different tools. Having technical skills is an essential aspect of this profession. I am fully aware of the challenge at hand and focus on the process, to get the desired result. I am good at multi-tasking, problem-solving and critical thinking and have an aptitude for succeeding under stress. You can either pay hourly or chose a fixed-price. Competitive rates for the project requirements is a must. Projects can be on contract basis, contract-to-hire, direct-hire. Ability to perform detailed and accurate research for the project. Dedication to project deadlines and project requirements. Understanding how to apply different styles as required. Plagiarism check to ensure text does not contain duplicate content.

I am a capable writer who has always been able to work with a team. Good interpersonal and communication skills. I maintain good work ethics especially when I have to work collaboratively in a team. Experience with Subject Matter Expert (SME). Ability to think outside the box or from the user's perspective when it comes to gathering industry-specific information. Skillfully manage flexible schedules and also flexibility in scheduling issues. Very good at handling criticism.

Depending on the industry, techniques for business analyses, auditing, technical writing changes. Preparing a documentation plan, understanding requirements and preparing the requirement specifications, preparing training material, user guides, manuals,test plans, all this can only be done after carefully preparing detailed questionnaire for the SME. Once the necessary data is accumulated, editing, revisions, and finalization is made concisely and clearly to get the final documentation. The whole process is complex and takes a lot of time but the final product is delivered in simple terms so even a new trainee in the industry can understand the language.

The Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC) is the process of developing a document for different types of users, which includes the trainees and the customers, with the main aim of making the organizations projects clearer and easier to understand. This involves foremost of collecting large amount of data from the SMEs and also steps like analyzing the customer requirements, creating the design specifications based on the design phase, developing the content, editing&proofreading, publishing documents such as user manuals, functional specifications, design specifications, installation manual, training manual, maintenance manual. of the software documentation.

It is the responsibility of the technical writer to understand the features of the product before writing about it. Most of the time, a technical writer is also the part of the product testing team before writing documentation. But before testing the technical writer also needs to prepare a test plan.

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