Things We Worry About!

Updated: May 29, 2021

“Stop making a mountain out of a molehill”; “It’s all in the past now; it’s about time you get your act together!”; “Are you still going on about that old thing…hmph….god help you”. How many of us have heard these phrases?. Everybody is worried about something or the other in life, it’s just that some are better at hiding it under a calm smile. Probably they mediate a lot…but everybody worries. You worry because you have problems and unless and until you solve your problem you keep worrying. Some worries you must deal with on a regular basis. These fears, need to be faced head-on. They probably won’t go away, they might make you nervous and angry but only you can reassure yourself. Worrying is good, because that means you are probably trying to find a solution to your problem. One thing you must remember, when you worry about a problem, you are hurting yourself. The sooner you solve the problem the better for you. Maybe you could get a little help to solve the problem. But sometimes you are on your own, so think constructively, think practically and be positive. Try to be as useful to yourself as possible. When you are faced with a problem study it until you understand it completely. That’s the initial way to go about it. Understanding your problem.

Worrying could be for several reasons. Your health, education, job, your relationship, your financial situation, taxes, budget, your children, your family life, the uncertainties in your life, safety, discrimination, comfort, the narrow-minded thinking around you, so many things! life 's full of shocks and surprises. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow take it with a pinch of salt; but you cannot always be prepared. So, worrying is not all that bad; don't worry too much, worry only so much so you can solve your problems easily. Constant worrying will be a headache for you and everyone around you and don't talk too much about it to others; you might not like the advice that some people come up. You will find some genuine friend’s, but some are just gossiping; they have no intention of helping and you don't need such people in your life.

Our confidence is the main reason for our worry. You know yourself, you know how strong you are. You can be self-prepared. Doesn't matter what your antagonist throws at you if you are confident and peaceful, he/she cannot do any damage to you. Worrying will not help just because you worry today your troubles will not go away tomorrow It might if you are lucky; but life does not necessarily do that. You cannot keep wondering what your opponent’s next move will be. Life is not a game of chess; there are so many aspects to life. Look at the other beautiful things in life. Never feel forsaken even for a single moment in your life. You can always overcome your problems, don't ever feel useless. Plan ahead, just because it is not happening please do not feel insecure about the future. Don't ever think prayers work overnight and do your best to be a better person. If you don’t believe in prayers that is your choice. But there are other ways to plan and there will be a positive outcome, you just must keep trying again and again. Feeling anxious all the time in any given situation is conquering your mind and not letting it think in a positive direction. If you are worried try to do something that will actually comfort you try working out, go to the gym, meet people etc. Have faith in yourself believe in yourself you don't know when it'll happen, but it will happen worry is a constant part of human nature. Worrying helps solve problems, so devote time for yourself you deserve it. Worrying is not always necessarily a waste. Things happen in life that tends to make us worry; Unforeseen things, thing’s out of our control, things we wish wouldn't happen to us; But in life good and bad things happen and we have to live it step by step, day by day take it in our stride and not let us be pulled into a black hole. You cannot let your stress control you. Sometimes the best thing to do is to not think about everything and anything that is related to the problem. Obsessing over a problem is not really solving the problem; just have faith that whatever happens will happen for the best and whatever is happening was meant to happen. Always be grateful for the little things and you worry will disappear on its own. You wish you had wings and you could fly high up in the sky; but even you know that's not the truth and that can never happen. You are not alone, this never happened just to you, you are one of many, but everybody handles their situations differently. So keep walking in the direction you think is right, face the truth don’t keep worrying about that one problem grow out of it

Nowadays, things have changed so much health is a problem for any age even a 2 year old can be affected by cancer, even a 10 year old can get diabetes, even a 6 year old can get cholesterol, There is so much stress because of bullying and divorce it's have to end up meeting child psychiatrists and they take stress pills and sleeping pills so it's just not the adults who are facing stress when kids go through stress parents go through a lot of emotional and physical stress but that is just one part of stress. On a day to day basis we have so many reasons for worries in our life; but we cannot sit and think about it all the time. We cannot turn Alcoholics because of the stress in our life. We have to find a way out first and foremost! We must help ourselves then probably others will step up and help us. Otherwise they will just point fingers at us, make us a laughing stock, spread rumors about us which we won't like. It will only cause us to worry more. Everyday morning when you get up say to yourself “I refuse to stress myself today about things that are out of my control. I will certainly try to find solutions, but I am not going to think too much about it and neither will I obsess about it”. Make this your daily mantra.

Praying is a good distraction. Takes your mind of your worries and makes you think of God. So the next time you worry take a deep breath and trust in God and have a hope that he fixes your problem. Sometimes having faith becomes difficult especially when you don't see any improvement in your life and you are waiting for a miracle to happen worrying too much under any circumstance is not going to change that situation so just keep hoping for better circumstances. When you feel you are just on your own you become anxious. You feel helpless because you have no one to solve your problems you must rely on yourself; so maybe hoping that gods on your side won’t all that bad. You can put your worries on his head. Maybe you will be blessed and your worries will go away sooner than you can imagine.

When we worry, we think about our life experiences, our lifestyle where we came from and the present community, we live in. Gender and age, related worries are constant.

Is there a time for worrying? When people worry, they worry all the time. Worrying is not a constructive thinking process, it is an emotional issue, serious problem, and if this gets out of control like a daily obsession and it gets out of control and an individual feels he cannot resolve it, it can shape into dangerous circumstances and bring on conceivable uncertainties. That’s when they need to meet with experts; but our day-to-day worries can be easily handled and sometimes if we have strong friends even life’s greatest problems can be handled with eh help of these friends. Remember one thing in your head there is place for either faith in yourself or your worries which one stays there is your choice you make. It is entirely up to you; make the wise choice stop worrying too much. Don't worry what other people think of you, especially those who have hurt you; don't try to get into the good books of everyone. God never told you to impress people, he told you to be polite and nice to everybody and that you must to your dying day. Worries carry huge responsibility that does not help us cope with our life. Worrying is a bad mental habit we struggle with life's complexities and avoid lives simplicities. Just have faith in yourself and your abilities and remember that what must happen will happen; sometimes circumstances are such that you cannot be humble, but you can always be reasonable and confident and within your own powers you can be happy and took successful.

People will worry about things that are important to them in their daily lives. We wish we could reach for the stars and rearrange it the way we wanted but that is not always possible; they are so far away. Don't just live in your dream try to make it happen do whatever it takes in a positive way. Is important that if these dreams are not realized then people should not be emotionally hurt. It is quite predictable that they will be in a great deal of pain but how they handle this pain is what matters more you could choose to keep on crying about it or you could choose to step up for yourself. you could choose use this as an experience and learn something from it and move on instead of just sitting and worrying about it. You could avoid a very stressful life and probably lead a very balanced and happy life. Meaning to say and it could have been a mountain but think of it as a molehill and think nothing of it. Obstacles can be overcome, miracles do happen, just simply refuse to give up and don't obsess over your worry so much. Let it go. instead of thinking of your worries, think of everything that gave you happiness.

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