Trivia Questions

Updated: May 29, 2021

1. Where is the Villers Abbey?

· Villers Abbey is an ancient Cistercian abbey located in the town of Villers-la-Ville, Belgium

2. What is another name for Wildebeest?

· The wildebeest, also called the gnu (NEW) or, is an antelope in the genus, Connochaetes. They are found between Kenya and Tanzania.

3. What is the Capital of Connecticut?

· Hartford

4. What is the capital of France and its currency?

· Paris, CFP Franc (Colonies Françaises du Pacifique)

5. What is the capital of Africa?

· Addis Ababa

6. What is the capital of South Africa?

· South Africa has 3 capital cities:

i. Bloemfontein the judicial capital

ii. Pretoria the administrative capital

iii. Cape Town the legislative capital

7. How many countries does the continent of Africa have?

· 54

8. What is the most spoken language in Africa?

· Swahili

9. What is the capital of New York?

· Albany

10. What was the original name of New York?

· New Amsterdam

11. What is the capital of Australia?

· Canberra

12. what is the capital of Turkey?

· Ankara

13. What is the capital of Florida?

· Tallahassee

14. what is the capital of Georgia?

· Atlanta

15. What is sun?

· The sun is a star found at the center of the solar system.

16. Solar power generates electricity from what source?

· The sun

17. What is the sun made of?

· Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and Silicon.

18. What are Brown Bears also known as?

· Grizzly Bears

19. Which was the largest Dinosaur?

· Argentinosaurus

20. Name the eight deadliest dinosaurs?

· Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

· Velociraptor mongoliensis

· Tyrannosaurus rex

· Mapusaurus roseae

· Ankylosaurus magniventris

· Allosaurus

21. Did the Apple iPhone first become available in 2005, 2006 or 2007?

· 2007

22. Who created Roblox?

· the beta version of Roblox was created by co-founders David Baszucki an Erica Cassel in 2004 originally under the name Dina blocks

23. In terms of computing what does CPU stand for?

· Central Processing Unit

24. What does ROM stand for in computing terms?

· Read-only operating memory

25. True or False Nintendo was founded after the year 1900?

· 1889

26. The Hubble Space Telescope is named after which American astronomer?

· Edwin Hubble

27. What does UFO stand for?

· Unidentified flying object

28. What science fiction writer wrote “The Three Laws of Robotics?

· Isaac Asimov.

29. Along with whom did Bill Gates discover Microsoft?

· Paul Allen

30. Who Co-wrote the screenplay for the 1968 film 2001: a space Odyssey along with Stanley Kubrick?

· Sir Arthur Charles Clarke

31. Who was sometimes called the “Dean of science fiction writers”?

· Robert A Heinlein

32. Which award is given for best novel each year?

· The Hugo award; Awarded for the best science fiction or fantasy story or 40,000 words or more publishing the prior calendar year.

33. What award is given for the best Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

· The nebula award for best novel

34. Name some web browsers?