Understanding yourself to Gain optimal Performance

Updated: May 29, 2021

One has to gain deep understanding about their interests in life and have understanding of themselves exhaustively to get a better understanding and clarity and interact better with our self and others. Sometimes you need to lose yourself in your thought process to understand yourself. Dream to make it a reality. Our mind is fragile. When you understand yourself, you have total control of your body and your interactions. We need to get our priorities right, get things in perspective, before we set out on a path to impress others. We need to utilize every possible moment and opportunity to improve our self. Only you know your true self; your truth lies within you; explore all possibilities; bring out the real you, understand yourself, give yourself time to learn, learn from your surroundings, identify with this situation instead of hiding from facts. the truth is all around you, whether it is positive or negative, it is always your choice to make what do you want to accept or deny. some things can be painful, truth can be painful but if you understand it, accept it, you begin the process of learning.

You always learn from the truth. Learn more about yourself and you will only grow stronger, then you ever realize. You will also realize the fact that the person you can rely on the most, is you yourself. It's your own experiences, that bring out the real you; good or bad, when you choose to learn from it, when you explode you're giving yourself an opportunity to reopen your strengths and weakness and learn about yourself. You also learn to not fear anything or anyone, and find your path to success.

How hard you want to push yourself, Is a choice you need to make on your own; don't ever look to others to make that choice for you. You can always learn from others, you can always expect others to help you and accept their help, but there are boundaries to everything.

How do you perceive yourself? That is a million question that you need to understand and ask yourself every moment of your life. take a lot of time pondering, guessing, experimenting trying to find yourself; but it is very important that you love yourself. ALways ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing? Is it because you don't have a choice? Is someone asking you to do it? Is it really something you like to do or you prefer to opt out of it? Are you doing it to please others?

You are your own best friend sit calmly close your eyes, see where it leads you; What does your mind, tell you? Does your mind communicate with your heart? Do you feel you have the courage to experiment with success and failure? Do you feel you have alienated yourself from others? Can you do some activities? can you interact with others? can you be positive? understand yourself. Get a complete hold of yourself.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask do you like what you are today? Do you like where you are, do you like the situation in which you are? Even if one of those answers is a “no”, meaning there is something in your life that is making you queasy or fed up then your next question to yourself should be, what can I do to change it? Ask yourself, what is it that you love doing the most? What would you like to do seven days a week, that would make you happy? What is it that would give you utmost satisfaction? Have you got the answer if it’s a yes” then proceed to so it if it’s a no then keep digging to find the right answer.

Take charge of your life you have got to start saying yes to your life and leave all the negative behind you and the only way you can do that is by understanding yourself. Say yes to your dreams; fulfill them, only you can help yourself. Discover your true potential.

Have you told yourself a million times “I don’t know what to do!” Why haven’t you bothered to ask yourself the question what am I capable of doing? What do I want to do? Have I done everything that I ever wanted to do in my life? If you are in a good place, then ask yourself am I living up to my potential? Question yourself every single second of your life; to encourage yourself not to discourage yourself. This should be a part of building up your self esteem and confidence.

Do you have the courage to act to find the correct answers? Do you know how to proceed? There is a way, there is always a way. You just need to find it. How many of you know how to take action if the answer is no? Most of the time we just sit back and lament because we have not been in that situation and we don’t know the way out. We don't do what we want to do in our life and simply waste precious time.

Give yourself the gift of vision; to proceed to the path of success you need to think logically; you need to have a positive vision. You might think it is a very challenging task, but if you know yourself, it is not all that complicated. Although it requires a lot of dedication and hard work on your part. The process never ends, once it begins it's always an ongoing process. You have to learn constantly, know your capacity and your willingness to learn. YOu have to be honest to yourself, you need to commit to it personally and professionally. it's a constant interaction with yourself. If you find yourself interest in such achievements, then your life will take you through an extraordinary journey, in terms of patience, efforts creativity hardwork and commitment. The ability to understand yourself is a gift you give yourself. You are willingly making your own choice.

You will discover that you can take a lot more actions then you were ever willing to realize. So my actions you may be prepared some may come naturally to you and some decision and actions you might have to take when you face certain decisions; In those situations one of the first things you must do is look at your present life situation and think about thing that's important to you; Are you able to prioritize them; can you find something in your life that gives a sense of value? Think about something which you would like to have or something you would like to create for you or your family. Once you are certain of this thought in mind, it’s the first step you take towards your path of happiness and success.

You need to have a lot of inner conversation, with yourself. you probably would immediately come up with answers, you might come up with different plans, some may be successful some may fail, But that's the process to develop the right plan of action, through a lot of trial and errors, you will eventually find the right away. You will become the kind of person that you want to be. You will be able to attract the right people and get the proper resources. You dream can become your reality.

Don't tell yourself, you can't do that or you or don't have enough money or that you don't have the right kind of help or the right kind of networking contacts to get you where you want to be. Dismiss those thoughts; have positive inner conversations with yourself. Change your inner conversations to be more positive and encouraging. Be positive towards yourself. Give confidence to yourself. Make your mind strong, Your imagination can become your reality if you have positive thoughts.

Most people don't even realize that they have inner conversations everyday. The circumstances of our life make us have those conversations. But we should not allow those conversations to cause fear in us. Most people let their fear to govern them. Their fear gets the better of them and stops them from pursuing their goals or from being the person they really are. You need to stop listening to your negative thoughts and stay focussed on the positive thoughts. Create positive thoughts within you. You need to conquer your fears to live up to your true potential. Get busy with your life. Keep yourself occupied. Keep trying and keep active and you will be able to control your fear. When you make some effort, you know you are trying, so you are to busy to be worried.

Fear of failure and fear of success keeps people from reaching their goals.Fear keeps you focussed on your past and you need to live in the present. You need to have courage to take risks. Find that inner strength within you. Your struggles develop your inner strength. Life is a constant learning process if you fail you try again till you gain success and if you gain success, you should not just stay satisfied or stop learning; if you stop learning, you stop growing .

You have the power over your mind, no matter what the challenges you have faced. So think positive and take the right steps, to fulfill your dreams, leaving the past behind.

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