What is Happiness?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

What is Happiness? Can we define it? Can we measure it? Do you know what it is to be actually happy? Is it something we just feel within? Is it just a positive feeling? Is there a road map to happiness? Is it an attitude that you need to embrace? Joy and content are the two words generally used to describe the word happiness. Do you just take a chance on happiness, is there a right time? what is it? what is this happiness?

How many times have you been told to be happy? Do you feel happy by your own choice or are you fulfilling other people's definition of happiness? Others have set some standards, they seem to know better and they tell you how happy they are and you want to be just like them! So you want to be like them? Why do you idol worship them? How did they get to tell you how to be happy? How do they know better? Do you feel alike? Have you been through the same life experiences? When you are in trouble are they always besides you? and you feel you will achieve happiness? Is that right? Regardless of what you seem to be going through people tend to give you advice; they don't bother to consider your feelings and tell you what's right, in order to achieve happiness. They tell you how happy they are. How about what you feel inside?

Happiness according to me is when you feel good inside. When you feel you are not being judged by anyone, when you are liked for the person you are, when you don't have to pretend! Happiness is when you are honest with yourself. Your life should not be dictated by others, when you are able to make your dreams come true. You have to learn to let go of other people's hard and fast rules. You can't let them set the boundaries. Walking away from something bad to make yourself feel better is happiness. Trying to stop pretending and to just be yourself is happiness. You deserve a life that makes you feel good about yourself, so go after it, if you feel that is your one chance of happiness; don't let others stop you. It's your heart that years for happiness Others already have their source of happiness.

Don't let others make decisions for you. Even if something bad happens there might just be something good that happened too; take that positivity into account to help you move forward. If you want something you have to yearn for it, try hard for it, stay positive and it might just come true. Say it like a prayer, that you deserve to be happy. Live on your idea of happiness; you are responsible for your own happiness; you have to work hard to earn it. Everyone else will have lots of advice, actually holding your hand and taking you all the way is something very few people actually do. Our hope and our belief makes us happy. That sense of belonging is very essential; you should not feel feel like a loner. If you do, then don't blame yourself for it. You want to be happy on your terms. Not on other people's terms. What makes other people happy need not make you happy. Other people do what makes them happy, you do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Happiness has lots of definitions and emotional security I think tops everyone's list of happiness. If our life has a meaning, if there is a purpose in us getting up everyday morning then life is happy. If you are constantly upset and living with your insecurities and in a state of confusion then of course you are unhappy. That feeling of freedom from all kinds of hurt and pain is happiness; it's relieving, relaxing, calming and something you very much deserve. You have longed for it, you might have taken a small step in the right direction. Sometimes you have to wait patiently, put one step-in-front-of-the-other and walk patiently. You know what you want, but you have no idea when you will achieve it. slowly walking towards it is all you can do. If it makes you happy, then eventually you will achieve it. Have faith in yourself. When you are going through a bad phase then comfort yourself thinking that god closed that door because he had something better in store for you. Don't ever wonder "Why Me?" and try not to sympathize with yourself, because that makes it much more harder to be happy. Your goal should be to let bygones be bygones and to find what makes you happy. If you can be with the person who makes you happy nothing like it. It gives you a million reasons to smile and forget your worries. So whenever you do find little reasons to be happy, be as happy as you can and smile, because a smile looks good on you and happiness is something you deserve. While you are at it, try to be happy for others too. Try to find happiness in every little thing.

People are illogical and selfish. Their motives should not come in your way of finding happiness

If you try to connect "Love and Happiness" together then remember one thing, that here it's not just your happiness but another person's happiness that is involved too. So the feelings you have might not be returned back with equal affection, which will cause pain and sadness instead of happiness. But you could be positive and hope for the best and you could receive love instead.

People have different definitions for happiness; my definition certainly includes spiritual happiness. The peace that it brings about, it's self-comforting and it makes you mild mannered. Happiness is strength. If you are happy and confident and don't live by the rules that have been set by the other people and have decided to follow your heart then you are blessed. Inspite of all the troubles you still have found some way to survive. You stood up against those who tried to persecute you.

Don't ever try to pretend to be happy or try to be happy to hurt someone. You need a happy life but not to hurt someone else but so that you can truly have a peaceful and joyous life that you have always wanted to have. You can never be happy if you are just trying to prove a point; then you will hurt more people in the bargain.

You shouldn't try to be happy, it has to happen naturally. Happiness is a natural feeling that just happens to you. Keep your faith because you deserve it and it will happen, take baby steps, if you must but take it in the right direction and never ever lose hope, it could happen in a second or it could take a long time, but it will happen. Happiness is a way of life.

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